The Most Popular TV Show Set in Every State

“Here’s a list of the most popular show set in each state, according to Ranker."


News 3 Now Live at Four

“People on Ranker are voting for their favorite flavors. What's your doughnut of choice? Glazed is in first place, Chocolate frosted second and Boston creme in third place.”


10/11 This Morning at 5AM

“We are taking a look at the top ten best cheeses according to Ranker.”


Is ‘Brightburn’ About Superman? The Horror Movie Twists The Hero’s Story

“Ranker notes that he's shattered Batman's spine, torched Martian Manhunter with his laser eyes, and beat Green Arrow to death.”


Ranker Launches OTT App Bringing Weird & Interesting Video To Living Rooms

“Ranker, known as the world’s leading destination for fan-powered rankings on just about everything, has announced the official launch of its OTT app showcasing Ranker’s trending, creepy, and just plain weird video content. The free app is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV devices.”


We Tried Blue Diamond Almond Breeze's New Banana Milk—And It’s Pretty Healthy

“According to, Borden is the most popular brand of cow’s milk in the U.S., so we will compare the banana-almond milk to their 2% milk product.”


Worst T.V. Series Finales

“Been makes us guess the worst TV series finales.”


This Is Why You're So Obsessed With True Crime Shows

“According to the popular voting site, Ranker, the most popular is Forensic Files, which first debuted on television way back in 1996. It is closely followed by Cold Case Files (debuted 1999) and Dateline NBC (debuted 1992). “


The Best Cooking Competition Shows, According To The Masses

“We popped over to Ranker to find out what the people love watching right now. After well over 20,000 votes a top ten emerged. Sadly, Nailed It! ranked 40th while Lawson and Bourdain’s The Taste clocked in at 23.”

Weird things you didn't know about living in the White House

“Enjoy these and many more facts about living in the White House: It's your patriotic duty! (The order of this list was determined by 494,903 votes on”

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.58.17 AM.png

Ranker noticed that Erinn Hayes looks very much like model Minka Kelly

“In fact, the listicle site noticed that Erinn not only looks so much like Minka Kelly that it’s “scary,” but she actually looks a lot like actress Leighton Meester, too!”

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.43.07 AM.png

Is 'Stranger Things' the Best New Show on Any Streaming Service?

“The popular voting site Ranker had fans vote on which new original show was the best on any streaming service.”

“Fans are obviously in love with Stranger Things, and it isn’t only the massive number of up votes it received on Ranker’s fan favorite list.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.27.14 AM.png

According to a new study from Ranker, Minneapolis is actually the most underrated city in the nation

“Ranker, which boasts attracting more than 50 million monthly unique visitors, asked its audience to rank the most underrated cities in the nation.”

“The more up and coming cities in the US may get overlooked at first, but dive deeper and you’ll see that they are definitely worth your time,” Ranker writes. “They may not be quite as big as LA or NYC, but they’ve got just as much architectural beauty, awesome nightlife, and interesting people as any major metropolitan area.”


WDSU News Saturday Morning

“We found a new survey from Ranker with the top best road trip song of 2019”


“Words We Should Really Retire in 2018” Segment on TODAY Show


Ranker CEO Looks at the Site's Best of 2018

“With 2019 on the horizon, pop culture site Ranker is listing all of the best things to happen in 2018, and letting the rest of the world choose who wins. Clark Benson, CEO of Ranker, shares who is leading the company's lists so far.”


National Cookie Day

“According to Ranker, a crowdsourced rankings website, the top five "most delicious desserts" are: ice cream, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cake and chocolate.”


Here's how Eminem's net worth built up to a reported $190 million in the span of 20 years

“Recently dubbed the "greatest rapper of all time" by Ranker, Eminem is still one of the most celebrated rappers in history.”


Place Your Emmy Bets On These Actors and Shows

“Ranker, a website where users essentially vote on everything from the best album in a particular band’s discography to popular fan theories, has now compiled a list of this year’s Emmy nominees, and their verdicts seem to be set.”


So, What's the Deal With Bachelor in Paradise Casting?

“ABC ensures they don't leak the information with loads of paperwork. In a leaked document by someone close to the Bachelor franchise production team (and picked up by last year), the contracts do have a few loopholes but protect the network and the franchise hardcore. To this effect, contestants also sign a confidentiality agreement, according to Ranker, and the network can go after the offender for monetary compensation.”


"National Ice Cream Day Segment” on TODAY Show


Ranker Website Has a List for (Nearly) Everything

“A website called Ranker has a list for just about any topic you can think of! We visited their offices to find out how they're letting people vote on just about anything.”


11 Punny Friday The 13th Instagram Captions That Make Light Of This Creepy Day

“According to, when they asked people to admit to the superstitions they believe in, “men were more likely to wish on a shooting star, while women said they knock on wood after saying something positive to avoid 'tempting the fates' to do bad." 


Experimenting remains a crucial aspect of marketing

“Ranker is able to make money from buying traffic off Facebook is because Ranker frequently tests which audience targets it can reach at a low price.”


Facebook's Latest Algorithm Change: Here Are The News Sites That Stand To Lose The Most

“The CEO of Ranker Clark Benson, said the company “in theory, should be really concerned.” However, Benson isn’t necessarily expecting Facebook’s algorithm change to hurt Ranker’s viewership. Ranker currently derives about half of its 40 million U.S. monthly readers from Facebook who click on popular rankings on topics such as America’s college towns and Taylor Swift’s exes.”


Taco Bell, KFC Partner with Grubhub for Nationwide Delivery

“Meanwhile, one poll recently found Americans consider Wendy’s to be their favorite fast food chain, though it has yet to officially jump on the delivery bandwagon.”


Valentine’s Day: What’s the Most Popular Romantic Comedy in Your State? 

"At least, that’s according to, which surveyed more than 143,000 people across the country on their favorite romantic comedies. Sleepless in Seattle is huge in North Dakota, Arizona and, of course, Washington, while Pretty Woman is the most-loved rom-com in several states, including Tennessee, South Carolina and Vermont.”


Publishers Tap AppNexus’ Prebid Video To Pump Up Programmatic Yield

“Video header bidding has helped Ranker increase efficiencies by streamlining the number of demand partners it accommodates in its video stack.”


Hey, America, We’re More Alike Than We Think

“As the chief data scientist at Ranker, a website that crowdsources answers to tens of thousands of questions, I can see that opinions from red states and blue states on a variety of topics are actually not that far apart.”


Ranker CEO 'Nerds Out' Over Data, Programmatic And Search

"Readers land on the digital media site to read opinion-based ranked and crowdsourced articles. It allows them to "nerd out" on just about any topic, says Ranker CEO Clark Benson. It helps to churn the evergreen articles into fresh content, optimizing the pages as the lists change.”