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Psychographic profiling is more important to marketers than ever in today’s fragmented world. Yet the art of figuring out how to effectively reach and convert audiences remains a daunting task. Ranker Insights brings precision and depth to what has typically been the very “fuzzy” exercise of psychographic profiling.

Each month 40 million people visit Ranker to cast their votes on thousands of online polls about Films, Celebrities, TV, Music, Sports, and more, providing a treasure trove of proprietary self-reported preference data across 1.1 million interests.

What Makes Ranker’s Data Unique?

  • Honesty - No social pressures with Ranker’s anonymized voting

  • Passion - Voting is a better gauge of true fandom than, say, set top viewership

  • Nuanced Context - Sentiment is captured within a psychographic context (i.e. “Most Trustworthy Celebs”) and stored precisely and semantically

  • Platform Agnostic - Our voters span all platforms and services (e.g. we see preferences across Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Amazon, etc. in the TV category)

  • Lifetime Preference - Other data sources are limited by the timeline of their relationship with the consumer. Ranker knows the movies you loved last year as well as your faves as a teen

  • Negative Sentiment - Uniquely captures Likes AND Dislikes

  • Data Quality - Our very high data quality standards are maintained by sophisticated controls for automated monitoring of all voting, including active fraud detection


We serve Brands, Studios, Publishers, and Researchers in the following verticals:

  • Agency

  • CPG and Retail

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Luxury

  • Publishing

  • Restaurants

  • Technology

  • Travel



Psychographic Interests Platform

Discover new insights and inform decisions with psychographic profiles on Films, Celebrities, TV, Music, Sports, and more on Ranker's audience insights platform. Our platform makes it easy to discover and explore insights in one easy to use website.

Ranker Insights unmasks not-so-obvious correlations between the people, places, and things that fans are most passionate about. Marketers are using Ranker Insights intel to inform the creative process, laser-target the right audiences (and avoid the wrong ones), buy media more efficiently, and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Learn More: https://insights.ranker.com


Data Solutions

License Ranker’s first-party data to support your applications and projects. Use cases include: insights as a service, analytics, data appending, and creating your own predictive models.

  • API and data extracts

  • Structured data ontology with taxonomies

  • Entities, lists, and anonymized voters

  • Positive and negative sentiment

  • Lifetime voter preferences



Ranker recommendations powered by our psychographic voting data and power the next generation of apps. In less than a minute, we can tell you what TV shows and movies you are most likely to love, on any channel, any platform, any season.

  • Entity and user recommendations as a service

  • On-demand and near instant

  • API service or host locally

  • Robust metadata

  • Supported by Ranker’s unique microgenres and nuanced voting (e.g. The TV Shows Most Loved by Hipsters)