Ranker is a Top 40 destination for crowdsourced rankings on everything from films to food. We believe that the opinion of millions is more relevant (and far more predictive) than the opinion of one critic. Ranker consistently delivers 40 million worldwide unique visitors, and outranks nearly every consumer site in minutes spent per visit according to comScore (4+ mins per visit). Visitor engagement is the center of Ranker, which collects over 15 million monthly votes across more than 100K lists including extremely competitive searches like “best movies of all time” (which has over 4.3MM votes alone). 

More than one billion consumer votes have built Ranker Insights, a treasure trove of psychographic correlation data ("people who like X also like Y"). Ranker Insights provides data-driven audience insights to marketers, studios, and platforms seeking a deeper understanding of consumer tastes and preferences. These unique correlations are ideal for reaching new audiences, developing more engaging campaigns or informing content recommendations. Stay tuned for the new “Watchworthy” app powered by these correlations. Based in the heart of Los Angeles, the company is solidly profitable and has 90+ employees and growing.

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The Team


Clark Benson

CEO & Founder

Launched in 2009, Ranker is Benson’s fifth startup. Ranker was conceptualized out of two things - Benson’s personal love of lists, and the concept that the wisdom of the crowd is better than one expert’s opinion.
Prior to Ranker, Benson’s company, eCrush, an early social network for teens, was bought by Hearst Corporation in 2006.

In his spare time, you can find Benson traveling to concerts and festivals. He saw more than 100 bands perform in both 2015 and 2018. A published author, Benson co-wrote the book College: Your Guide To The Best Five Years of Your Life. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Jenifer, and twins, Austin and Zani.

Chantelle Silveira

Chief Product Officer


Premesh Purayil

Chief Technology Officer


Bill Jeffries

Chief Strategy Officer