Looking for Laughs? Check Out These Live Comedy Recommendations from Vivid Seats and Ranker

We love to rock out to our favorite musicians and cheer on our favorite sports teams, but if you’re looking to loosen up and forget about your problems for a few hours, there’s no live event like a stand-up comedy show. When we’re stressed about our jobs, our personal lives, or the general state of the world, comedy does the critical job of reminding us not to take everything so seriously.

But what if you’re not so sure what comedy is worth the price of admission? Many people aren’t as familiar with the world of stand-up as they are with sports and music, and have a hard time figuring out which comedian they should pay to see live. That problem is especially tricky for people who don’t live near major cities and might not get the chance to see widely recognized names like Jerry Seinfeld or George Lopez.

To help solve that problem, we teamed up with Vivid Seats, who sell tickets for some of the biggest, most popular, and funniest comedians in the world. Using millions of votes cast on Ranker.com by comedy fans from across the nation, we’ve recommended specific Vivid Seats tickets based on the tastes of people in your state. We’ve also layered that data on top of Vivid Seats’ sales figures — by hovering over each state in the graphic below, you can find out where it ranks on the overall list of states with the highest demand for live comedy tickets.

Take a look at each of the circles on the map below (the bigger the circle, the stronger that state’s love is for the featured comedian) and click the link provided in the image that pops up to buy tickets directly from Vivid Seats.