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What Can I Say? I Love the List of the Day…

Ranker HQ is located deep in the heart of Hollywood, California, just across from the famed Chinese Theater and directly in front of the stars on the Walk of Fame. We’re SO CLOSE to the center of movie magic, in fact, that whenever they shut down Hollywood Blvd. for premieres, it gets quite challenging for our team to make it to work.

“Hey, Hollywood Studios, maybe consider occasionally hosting your premieres somewhere that ISN’T the main route through one of the busiest parts of one of the world’s most congested cities during the height of the busy tourist season” is something you might hear us say now and again. Thank goodness they don’t do it too often. Only every time a movie opens.

Handy LA Traffic Simulator! Just turn up the heat very high in your apartment, put on the most shrill irritating radio station you can find and look at this picture. Now pretend you have somewhere REALLY important to be in 12 minutes. Enjoy!

It’s all part of the constant struggle against other people that is life in Los Angeles. But it’s nothing to stress out about…And if you’re new to Los Angeles, be sure to check out Ranker’s new list of 10 Things to Learn When You Move to LA. It’s full of helpful advice like “don’t look at celebrities,” “don’t drive during rush hour,” “don’t leave the house during the rain” and “you know what, maybe don’t bother moving to LA at all…how about that?”