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Weekend Roundup

It’s time for your weekend round up, this is the place where we round up our favorite lists of the week…it’s pretty self explanatory.

1. Politicians Singing List

We are not even a little embarrassed to say that when Barack Obama sang  Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” our hearts skipped a beat. The man has skills to woo us. But this list is more about the people you don’t want to see sing…the ones that make you cringe…you know us we love a good cringe.


2. Celebrity Death Pool

Yes, it’s morbid and can be considered morally wrong to vote on who’s going to die this year…but it’s also fun. We have this death pool going, you can add your celeb and you can vote up other ones. We like to think it makes death a little easier…cause everything is easier when you’re winning.

3.  This Video

Adorable, sickeningly adorable. These creatures have such cute faces it makes me want to scream “JUST STOP BEING SO CUTE ALL OF THE TIME!” which is also how I feel about Ryan Gosling.


4.  Alternative Movie Posters

This list is amazing, and whoever came up with these casting decisions should be running Hollywood. I really wish Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, and Jimmy Stewart had been in Rushmore.



5.  6 Fictional Places That Actually Exist

This list is great because it confirms that Middle Earth is real, and that is an amazing piece of knowledge.

Honorable mentions go to the article 5 Websites That Could Have Made A Difference In Protesting SOPA because Forbes mentions us, and that was really cool.

Next is this video: Gay Rights Movement this is an amazing trailer for a documentary that’s being made. We don’t want to get political or offend anyone but this is a moving piece of work and this is an issue that matters. So, way to go guys!


There it is your weekend round up. Make sure you tell us what you loved this week and leave it in the comments or lets us know on Facebook and Twitter.