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Weekend Round Up!

It’s time for Ranker’s top five favorite lists/links of the week!

Alright, in no particular order but because it is Friday the 13th we’ll start with:

13 Origins Of Common Superstitions 

Everyone knows theses common superstitions, but you’ll never guess where they came from. This is a fun list that points out the insanity that drives our lives sometimes.

 The 9 Most Bad-Ass Final Words

These are just epic, so badass to be dying and still be witty.

The Cutest Hybrid Dog Breeds

It’s so cute, all these little faces of animals that man created. Yes, man took a wolf…one of the most voracious animals on the planet and turned it into something that looks like a Muppet.

Celebrity Death Pool 2012

The Death Pool! It’s a fun morbid game you can play with your friends! Head on over and add your contender and vote them up. Gene Hackman got hit by a car while riding his bicycle today (he’s fine, relax)…someone was so close to winning!!!

Child Stars Who Grew Up To Look Like Muppets

Child stars were all so cute growing up! Now they are creepy, have felony records, drug habits, and they look like Muppets. The Olsen Twins totally look like Gelflings.

There it is the weekend round up top 5, I’d love to hear your favorites of the week make sure you leave it in the comment section!