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We the People of the List of the Day

The United States Constitution contains 27 amendments. How many of them can you name? I mean sure, you’ve got the first ten or so memorized, probably, since they make up The Bill of Rights, but how many more beyond that? What’s the 17th? How about the latest one, passed in the 90s? 

Just like Sarah Palin, most of us don’t know the ins and outs of American history like we did the night/morning before the tests we took in middle/high school; but not to worry, to get geared up for the holiday weekend, our list of the day today is here to help! 

So because it’s summer and we know that your brain is also taking a vacation this weekend, here, all in one place, are The 27 Constitutional Amendments, as explained by what we as Americans know better than anyone else in the world: movies

So everyone have a great weekend and remember to celebrate the fact that America exists safely, and in a traditional manner.