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Today's List of the Day Just Shouldn't Have Kids

Some people just shouldn’t have kids. Period.

Did you know that earlier this year a woman bought her 7-year old daughter an elaborate birthday gift that made the news? Did you know that the birthday gift in question was a breast augmentation surgery voucher? And that not only was she not surprised by it, she was excited? She asked for some other things which she also got, making it a multi-thousand dollar birthday, so needless to say, this will be one well-adjusted, socially giving human being in 10 years.

7-year old boob job

Also in mother-of-the-year awards news, a pregnant woman actually believed that smoking 15-20 cigarettes every single day while she was pregnant made her daughter Lily “stronger”. 

So, inspired by the recent Casey Anthony verdict, the extremely irreverent (you have been warned, these actually get very dark near the end) Ranker user Michael Gibson brings us The 13 Absolute Worst Parents of 2011 (So Far)