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Today's List of the Day is a Doll

Have you ever been called “Dollface”? Neither have I, except for that one time, but hey, that’s most likely because I’m a dude (now let us never speak of that time again). But, there are some people who get that all the time, and we have the most famous ones all in once place. 

According to Ranker user ariannafelidae, there are 38 (exactly 38) women in Hollywood/show business who happen to have doll-like faces, and she decided to put them into a list for good measure.

Doll Face Doll 2

Sure, it’s weird, but her choices were pretty spot on, and so were the pictures that she included. So today’s list of the day is a bow to how accurate this list of 38 Famous Ladies That Look Like Dolls really is.

p.s. I bet none of these ladies’ houses have backs to them. It must get cold in the winter.