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The Worst List of the Day of All Time

This week was a really interesting week for lists. One of our CrowdRanked lists got national attention, got a kid in trouble and made a lot of parents and conservatives very, very angry. Like, the news. This is the power of lists in action, folks.

Here’s what happened:

Some kid at an Arkansas middle school decided to plagiarize some Ranker lists for the yearbook’s “Pop Culture” section, which really isn’t the end of the world. 

His choice, though, was what got him national attention. He chose to put up the Top 5 people on our All-Time Worst People in History list, which, first of all, is CrowdRanked which you all know means it’s voted on by the internet. You guys decide the order.Well, at the time, the list included Adolph Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. This was printed in their yearbook without any attribution, along with a few more of our lists, and the conservative parents of the town of Russellville Arkansas (go Cyclones!) went nuts over the debacle. 

Here’s the news story, which even mentions us: 

And so, in honor of this news story and the insane controversy which blew up over one kid’s successful attempt to rustle some feathers (it is Russellville, after all… no? Nobody? *Dodges a thrown potato*) , today’s list of the day features the thirteen most ridiculous yearbook controversies. Yes, there have been so many that have made the news that we can pick out the 13 craziest ones. 

From scandalous outfits, to accidental nudity, to gang signs, to some horribly, horribly racist practical jokes, here are some yearbook controversies that also made the airwaves. Enjoy. 

The 13 Most Ridiculous Yearbook Controversies