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The Quite Possibly Fatal List of the Day

One of the most enjoyable parts of traveling is getting a chance to sample the strange, exotic cuisine of other places. Whether it’s heading out for Texas BBQ, attending your first Hawaiian Luau or combing Tokyo for the ultimate Shabu Shabu spot, often a vacation will be organized around opportunities to try different, enticing foods.

But if you’re going to any of the places highlighted in Ranker’s list of the World’s Most Dangerous Restaurants, it might not be the most relaxing trip ever. These are places you should only go if your idea of a good time is hanging off of a sheer cliff face, hoping that you get to enjoy your mint tea and cookies before plummeting to your certain doom on the craggy rocks below. (Well, when you put it like that, it does sound kind of fun…)

The good news is, if you navigate this pass before 7 pm, they have half-price mozzarella sticks.

Included in the list are:

– A Chinese tea house located in a converted Taoist temple high atop Huayin, China’s Mt. Huashan. (That’s where the above photo was taken.)

– A Belgian dining room-like apparatus that can be suspended 50 feet in the air from a massive crane

– A Japanese restaurant in New York City staffed entirely by ninjas. (Trust us, leave a nice tip!)

– A Tokyo restaurant themed simultaneously as a hospital and prison and staffed by the cast of a ’70s pinky violence exploitation film.

One waitress helpfully shows you where you can redeem your Groupon.

Bon appetit!