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The List of the Week Was Born This Way

Put your paws in the air, list fans! It’s an All-Music List of the Week post!

Lady Gaga opened the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards with a very peculiar 4-minute monologue in character as her new awesome, fascinating, not-at-all-manufactured alter-ego. His name is Jo Calderone, and he’s basically like Andrew Dice Clay + Frank Rizzo from “The Jerky Boys” mixed with a cheesy greaser from an old ’50s B-movie. So “Calderone” started the show by discussing his long, complicated relationship with… who else… Lady Gaga!

Hickory dickory dock… oooohhhhhhh!!!

It was just the latest in a long series of Strange Lady Gaga Fashion Choices. And hey, at least dogs won’t chase her around the neighborhood on her way home this time.

In other music news this week, Internet comedy troupe and occasional rock band OK Go have released their latest sure-to-go-viral YouTube clip. This time, it’s in support of their (honestly? kind of unbearable) cover of The Muppet Show theme. And it co-stars those lovable rapscallions, The Muppets! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

If you missed it, that “yaaaaaaayyyyyy!” is supposed to be like when Kermit the Frog throws his head back and says “Yay!” It’s not just me being lame. I’m sorry for putting a little thing called SUBTEXT in these posts!

Can’t get enough of shenanigans designed to keep you entertained through 3-4 minutes of OK Go music? Then do yourself a favor and check out (and even vote!) on our guide to the Very Best OK Go Videos. I know, I know, I haven’t done the best sales job on this one, but please click through anyway. I only get to eat if we get a certain number of visits.

The Electric Mayhem didn’t need fancy-pants viral videos to sell records. It used to be about the MUSIC, man!

Finally, this past Saturday – August 27th – marked the 20th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s landmark “Ten” album. And let me tell you, that thing totally holds up. And I say that not just as a person for whom 1991 was a formative year. I also say it as an old person for whom contemporary music is strange and frightening.

That’s right, it’s a video of Pearl Jam playing “Evenflow.” Top that with your Kreayshawns and your Tylers the Creator. You can’t, pipsqueak!

Now you can relive the relatively antiquated hard rock stylings of Seattle’s second-favorite songs (third if you’re one of those Mudhoney people…) by voting on The Greatest Pearl Jam Albums. And can I just humbly request that more people give “Binaural” another listen? Seriously seriously underrated, you guys. Seriously.