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The List of the Day Was a Rolling Stone

Happy Father’s Day to all you paternal Rankers out there! Hope you got something other than ties for your special day! Or at least, if you got a tie, you didn’t already get a coffee stain on it.

Judging from the number of Dad-themed lists we’ve gotten in recently, the Ranker community really loves its Papas. Here are some of our favorite fatherly lists:

Video Game Characters with Daddy Issues

A perfect list to show anyone who thinks of video games as childish, superficial entertainments. These games get into the real issues, exploring the tension between fathers and sons/daughters at least as effectively as that movie where Kevin Costner wanders around a cornfield and plays catch with the Ghost of Ray Liotta.

(Also, let’s pause for some real talk for just a second here…Do Little Sisters really have “daddy issues”? I’d say their biggest problem is that dude who’s running around Rapture like a maniac injecting himself with plasmids and murdering them for more precious ADAM. Yeah, there, I said it.)

I have daddy issues, and also there’s clearly something weird going on with my retinas.

The Best Liquid Father’s Day Gifts

My Dad used to tell me that the best gift I could give him was a tall glass of Shut the Hell Up. But perhaps your father isn’t an abusive alcoholic, but just a guy who likes an occasional cocktail. You know, socially. If that’s the case, this list has some helpful tips. I doubt most fathers would say no to the gift of delicious bourbon…brownest of the brown liquors…

What’s that? You want me to drink you?

2011’s New Celebrity Dads

Using Father’s Day to honor your own father is so 2010. This year, celebrate all of the new celebrity fathers enjoying Father’s Day brunch in beautiful Hollywood, California. (I wouldn’t be too jealous; I’m sure wherever they’re eating, everything’s organic, vegan and gluten-free.)

Plus, Colin Hanks is on this list, making his dad Tom a…grandfather! I guess that means we’re probably never going to get that sequel to “Bachelor Party” after all…So much for my online petition…

Don’t worry, Adrian Zmed. Things are going to come together for you one of these days…

The Worst Movie Fathers

So we’ve talked about a lot of GOOD fathers so far (or, at least, famous fathers, which is pretty much the same as being good, right?) So for a nice change of pace, check out Ranker user SaintMort’s take on the WORST dads in cinematic history.

Granted, it’s hard to top Jerry Blake from the original film “The Stepfather,” who turns out to be a homicidal maniac. (20 year old spoiler alert!) Plus, he’s played by Terry O’Quinn, who would later play John Locke on “LOST,” a character who ALSO had an infamously terrible father. Coincidence? Yeah, probably, but still kind of cool…

Thanks again for the kidney, dumbass.

Levon P has also contributed an alternative take on the Worst Movie Fathers. Though I personally don’t think it’s fair to single out Wayne Szalinski just because he shrunk his kids. First off, he totally was honest with his wife about the situation, even going so far as to name the title of the movie after his confession. PLUS, he grew the kids back to the right size again in the end, right? Until the baby got huge for the sequel, at least. That counts for something…