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The List of the Day: Haunt My House Edition

Halloween is fast approaching, and here at Ranker we are really getting into the spirit of things. From the spider webs creeping down the walls to engulf Mike, our resident zombie, to the fridge filled with literal “finger food”, you can’t swing the office’s dead cat without hitting something that would scare grandma into the afterlife.

How do we come up with all these ghoulish ideas, I hear you asking. Well, our friend, Chef Jen has come up with a great list of Halloween Decoration Ideas to help spook your house!

Spooky House
Your house may be full of blobs, aliens and monsters year round, but Halloween is the only acceptable time to let your neighbors know.

When it comes to trick or treating most kids will just settle for going to the houses with the porch light on. Why not make your house more inviting to the little creeps and witches by putting a full graveyard in the front yard complete with bubbling cauldron and reaching hands.

The Johnson’s always have the best candy. Too bad 1 out of every 20 kids doesn’t come out.

Halloween comes but once a year, so do something special. Even if it means just covering Dad in toilet paper and having him jump out of a trashcan. It just goes to show that even a good DIY Halloween decoration can be better than the $100 store-bought one.