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The List of the Day Does Not Compute

Researchers from IBM Corp. this week claimed to have created a new computer chip that processes information like a human brain. What does this mean? Basically, it computes for a few minutes, then takes a break to get some more coffee, play a few rounds of Zynga Poker and discuss weekend plans with the computer chip directly to its right. Also, it’s more adaptable and responsive to external stimuli, able to run large processes simultaneously and more reliant on memory than existing computer hardware.

So how does the Ranker community respond to such a technological breakthrough, perhaps the most significant change to computing in decades? By making a Crowdranked list of the most awesome robots of all time, of course. Where you been, man?

I COULD keep going on with more insightful, accurate details about this computer chip…but I wouldn’t want to BORE you all…

Leading the All-Time Robot Awesomeness list right now is, naturally, Autobots commander-in-chief Optimus Prime, whose standing probably isn’t hurt by the fact that he has currently stars in a blockbuster movie franchise. #2, replicant Roy Batty from “Blade Runner,” would be a bit more surprising if the news hadn’t just hit this week that a prequel or sequel or reboot or something was likely in the works. (First, Ridley Scott revisits the “Alien” universe and now “Blade Runner”? Can a “White Squall” follow-up be far behind?)

Remember, this is a Crowdranked list, so if your favorite pop culture-bot didn’t yet make the list, there’s still time to add them! Can’t help but notice the Pink Robots from the Flaming Lips album of the same name weren’t on there yet. Possibly because they’re programmed to destroy us?