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That's The List of the Week That Was

Well, it’s been a wildly eventful 7 days, and here at Ranker, our staff and our users tried to keep up as best we could. Of course, we couldn’t manage to crank out lists about EVERY big story. (That Tracy Morgan thing just seemed sad, and we couldn’t come up with a great list without offending one another.)

But ill-conceived stand-up routines aside, let’s take a fond look back at the past week…in helpful list form…


The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo, held right here in Los Angeles, CA, is one of the primary events in the video game calendar. Right after Sir Ian McKellan’s yearly invite-only LAN parties. But less exclusive. Plus, at E3, the major console makers and game developers preview their hottest releases for the holiday season and the following year.

Photo by PopCultureGeek. Presumably musky odor by 40% of those in attendance.

Ranker’s Ariel Kana tracked all the action in this E3 Demo Roundup and curated the Best of the Internet’s reaction to the week-long event.


Yes, there is a real scandal called Weinergate. Yes, it involves the public display of a man’s genitals. Apparently, the media is now controlled by 9 year old boys.

“Hey, what’s up with this Twitter thing, amirite?” Photo by Boss Tweed.

Anyway, for those closely monitoring the “Anthony-Weiner-showed-his-junk-to-people-digitally” story, who would like some additional background, may we recommend Ranker’s rundown of major Democrat sex scandals up to and including Representative Weiner. (Oh, wait, his NAME is also WEINER! How am I just now getting this!)

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

On Monday, Steve Jobs appeared to give the keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC, a gathering of developers who are designing new software for Apple’s OS X and iOS platforms. What better opportunity could there be to walk down Apple memory lane, listing the Top Steve Jobs Keynote Moments of all time?

Photo by Acaben

How popular are Jobs’ speeches, known affectionately as “Steve-Notes”? There are 10 different moments listed, and the commenters have come up with at least 5 others that could have made the cut! Not bad for a guy in a black turtleneck and jeans talking about gadgets…

Happy Birthday Liam Neeson

Sure, you could say that the 59th birthday of the popular Irish actor isn’t on the same level of importance as a major political sex scandal or the biggest week in the video game calendar. Sounds like a good way to get throat-punched to me, though…

Few things are more unpleasant than taking a guy hostage who has an unkempt neckbeard. There’s not enough hand soap in the world…

To avoid that dreadful fate, go ahead and read up on Neeson’s Top 10 Moments in Badassery. Also, rewatch “Gangs of New York.” It’s better than you remember.

The NBA Finals

The Heat faced off against the Mavericks in the Finals this week, prompting a whole lot of angry online discussions about the relative merits of LeBron James, his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami and his other decision to make fun of the guy playing through a 102 degree fever.

Photo by Keith Allison, who got so close to Dirk Nowitzki, he should probably get to an emergency room.

Ranker user Trevor took a look ahead at the up-and-coming NBA teams likely to have an impact NEXT season. LeBron is likely already thinking of jumping ship.

Super 8

JJ Abrams’ and Steven Spielberg’s new sci-fi adventure has been favorably compared to ’80s classics like “The Goonies” and “ET,” and raked in almost $40 million at the box office this past weekend. Not bad for a movie with no major stars that isn’t part of a franchise…

“Looks like a big crate of food or something…But what the hell is the ‘Dharma Initiative’?

Anyone hoping to relive some of the movie’s highlights would do well to check out our Super 8 Quotes guide. We’ll keep filling it out after everyone has seen the movie. (No spoilers!)