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The List of the Day (Dubstep Remix)

To get an authentic dubstep remix sound, disconnect your cable box, turn on your now-static-filled TV to full blast then read this post while soaking your head in a full bathtub.

Amazing, right? It totally works.

I bring this up because we’re witnessing a battle for the top few spots on the “Best DJs in the World” CrowdRanked list. And because I just generally like making fun of dubstep now that 80% of the Internet has become intensely obsessed with it. Seriously, every song now has about 20 dubstep remixes, even really terrible songs that would seemingly drive you insane if you had to listen to enough of it to make a successful remix.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a dubstep remix of “Like a G6”! “Like a G6”! They’re feeling so fly like a G6!…

Yeah… so… that happened.

Anyway, DJs Tiesto and Deadmau5 have been duking it out for the title of World’s Greatest DJ for a while now, and it’s started to get pretty close. (Armin van Buuren is up there, too.) Interestingly, some generally well-regarded DJs like Ferry Corsten and Felix Da Housecat (for some reason, I almost typed “Felix Da Houseguest” there, which is not really as cool a DJ name) aren’t performing all that well thus far.

So if you are superfans of some of these dudes, or you hate them (super-anti-fans?), by all means give them some help by voting or making your own suggestions list. Promise you’ll do it and I’ll post a dubstep remix of the already-largely-irritating LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” song.

OK, I trust you. Honor system…

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The List of the Day is Playing at My House

Uh, my haussss…

Sorry, forgot I was blogging for a second there. Today’s List of the Day comes to us from Beau Iverson, who has gone ahead and chosen the 25 Most Influential Artists in Electronic Music. Plus it’s VoteRanked, so your votes help to determine the order of the list. Feel like Art of Noise isn’t getting their due and propers? Vote ‘em up! Can’t believe relatively recent French phenomenon JUSTICE are being considered side-by-side with godfathers of the genre like Brian Eno? Vote ‘em down! (But don’t tell them we said that…they seem kind of intense and we at Ranker don’t need any problems from any French electronic duos.)

JUSTICE, I’m sorry.

No matter your musical tastes, we’re sure to have a few similarly detailed lists on Ranker about one of your favorite genres in our massive Music category. And if we don’t, because you’re into some new offshoot of metalcore invented by 2 guys from Astoria and we just haven’t heard about it yet, go ahead and make a list about it and show off your superior knowledge. How else are you supposed to obtain that valuable hipster cred?