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Roger Ebert's List of the Day

With the untimely death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn came a slew of internet reactions ranging from the devastated to the outright self-righteous and disrespectful. Roger Ebert walks a fine line. The man who said that not liking “Lost in Translation” says more about you than it does about the film and also said that “video games are not art” put out a few reactions to Ryan Dunn’s death via his Twitter account. One of them wasn’t exactly “nice”.

This, of course, led to outrage in the vein of “how could he do this?!” and “what a jerk!*” (*few people were using the word “jerk”). But why? Reacting like this is neglecting Roger Ebert’s past as a man who says whatever he wants whenever he wants. And as one of the greatest minds in film criticism history, the man has a right to his opinion, but keep in mind what he does for a living. 

He’s a critic.

So, today’s list of the day shows us all exactly why we should come to expect inflammatory comments from Roger Ebert. He always makes people angry and he always says what he wants. This one’s for you, Roger. 

The 13 Most Inflammatory Roger Ebert Statements