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Ranker Release Roundup: What's New & What's Next

Hey everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood Product Manager Mollie here, sharing what’s new on Ranker this week, and what we’re working on for next week’s release. If anyone has any questions, feel free to shoot them over to us @Ranker_com, via Facebook or in an email. Thanks, and happy ranking!

  • Added a block to the homepage and the category pages that displays the most Ranked list items in a particular category, and shows you how many people have used those items in a list. You can see a great example of this on our Film page (hint: Pulp Fiction, The Godfather and The Matrix are almost tied for the top spot…clearly our users have great taste). 
  • Added this page so you can see all of the Community Lists on Ranker at once.
  • Changed the Community Lists so you can now vote on whether an item belongs on the list or not via the heart & frown buttons on the Community List itself.
  • Added the Facebook Like button the bottom of every list to make it easier to like a list after you’ve read it.
  • Put a white background on the appropriate navigation bar tab when you’re on a page within a given category. So now, if you’re looking at a list of Reality TV Show Fails, you’ll also easily be able to find the page where we display all of our lists about TV.

In the next release, we’ll be working on adding more activity feeds to the site, sending out even better emails to keep you up to date about the lists you publish, making Community Lists even clearer and a lot more. Stay tuned!