by    in Press Releases ranks influential musicians by the order of how great their music was at the time of their death

While the pop music world is still reeling from the loss of Whitney Houston, one of its most influential artists, ( has released a list of artists who have been deemed “gone too soon” by Ranker’s users. These artists are ranked not only by how great their music was at the time of their death, but what their future might have meant to the world of music. Having garnered thousands of votes and views by the site’s devotees, this list is considered to be the definitive word on the greatest rock stars who died prematurely.

According to, the most significant loss to the music industry was Jimi Hendrix, followed by John Lennon and Jim Morrison, rounding out the top five is Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain. The 46 artists on this list also included such legends as Freddy Mercury, Buddy Holly and Jerry Garcia, and ended with perhaps the less likely inclusion of Harry Nilsson. In addition, 15 other lists have been created by voters to represent a wide variety of opinions. The full list of Rock Stars Whose Deaths Were the Most Untimely may be viewed on at publishes lists created and ranked by its visitors that are data driven by popular opinion. Available on are lists on any topic imaginable, including everything from the best films of all time or the best vehicles for teenage drivers, to less serious fare like Simpsons jokes that actually came true. Truly something for everyone.

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