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People Can Now Vote on Your Ranker Lists

Hello Rankers, 

It’s time to turn your lists into battlefields.

Now, every time you publish a list on Ranker, you’ll have the option of allowing people to vote on the order of your lists, thus changing them to whatever the Ranker community deems fit.

And, if you so choose, you can turn on our new VoteRank feature that automatically re-ranks your lists based on the votes of your judging/adoring fellow Rankers.

There are two choices:

  1. Allow Voting – others will be able to like or dislike items on your lists.
  2. Allow VoteRank – when this is turned on, these votes will change the order of your list, based on what people like or dislike.

So add this on an existing list of yours or go publish a new list of The Worst Movies of 2011, The Greediest Politicians of 2011, Companies That Will Fail in 2011, or anything else that will get your friends riled up. Look in the Bells & Whistles section for the “Allow Voting” or “Allow VoteRank” options and let the victors be decided on the battlefields.


The Ranker Team