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New Year, New Ranker

Dear Rankers,
Our New Year’s resolution? Make it easier than ever to build and browse great lists on Ranker. Well, that and try to stop eating stuff like this. And, while our eating habits might be slow to change, the site certainly isn’t.

We’ve got over 50 CrowdRanked lists open for voting now, including The Most Inspirational Sports Movies and The Most Overrated Books Of All Time. We’ve also added lots of cool info to them, so you can see how your votes compare to other people’s and see how the crowd’s opinion breaks down statistically.

It’s also a lot easier to build lists of your own now, since we simplified the way you find and create list items. And the overhaul of the site’s design, while not yet finished, continues — we think you’ll like what you see if you haven’t checked us out in the last month. 

The most important improvement we’ve made is that browsing Ranker is now significantly faster. Even our developers are ready to sprint to their inboxes to check out your feedback. So please send any thoughts about the new Ranker to us via email, Twitter or Facebook. In the meantime, we’ll be trying to resist the lure of the bacon-wrapped mug.

Happy Ranking!
The Ranker Team