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New On Ranker: Tags, Ratings & More

Hey there Rankers!

This week, we released a bunch of stuff to the site. We’ve brought back ratings, so you can now tell the world how you really feel about the movies, albums, books, video games, etc. on your lists via our handy dandy numerical scale. And, you can learn all about how ratings work on our brand new and shiny FAQ, which we also just renovated. Look for more updates to the FAQ in the next few weeks as well, as we continue to get it up to date with all the fun new features we’re working on.

We also added the ability for you to tag your lists, which helps them to show up in more relevant places across Ranker. You can see the link to add tags on the page you’re taken to when you publish a list. We’ve also just redesigned that page too, and now it’s full of great suggestions for making your lists even better. Fun tip: if you’ve already published a list, you can always get back to that page by clicking ‘update’ in the top right corner of any list you’re editing. 

We also made a few more little tweaks to make it even easier to find the list items you want to rank. And, we’ve added even more images and info to a lot of the list items on the site. 

Additionally, we fixed a bunch of bugs, including one that unfortunately broke some of the YouTube videos in certain people’s lists. If your list is mysteriously missing a video you had previously embedded, that’s probably why. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience, but the good news is that if you add the video again, it should work fine now. 

The next big thing we’re working on are some changes to the way you sign up and log in on Ranker. So, look for those things to get a lot better in the next few weeks. And, as always, please feel free to shoot us any questions, comments, suggestions or issues you find via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Have a great weekend and happy Ranking!
The Ranker Team