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Louis CK is Hilarious in Today's List of the Day

Have you heard of Louis CK yet? Over the last decade he’s been coming up as a prominent stand-up comedian. Like most comedians, he’s had failed television shows and an up-and-down career. But unlike most comedians, the man comes up with about an hour of new material once a year which, for a comedian, is absolutely insane. No falling back on old jokes, just ever-changing, apt, astute and hilarious comedy. 

Here are some great bits of his… 

On Being Broke

And here’s a good compilation by the DiggReel of his stuff on race, single people and the difference between men and women (some very NSFW language). 

So, inevitably, Louis CK is absolutely hilarious on television appearances. From Conan O’Brien, to The Daily Show, Louis CK has made memorable television out of almost every appearance he makes on any show (yes, even on Jay Leno’s “new” Tonight Show). 

So, today’s list of the day is a huge salute to Louis CK and his absolutely amazing television appearances. 

The Funniest Louis CK TV Talk Show Appearances