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List Roundup

After a whirlwind of a week the best thing is to just sit back, take a load off and catch up on the awesome lists of the week. Fortunately, your buds at Ranker can get you all caught up in a few minutes. Take a look at this week’s List Roundup and enjoy the sweet goodness that’s about to come over you.

1. The 20 Hottest Former Disney Stars

This wonderful countdown list from our pals at who publish a hell of an awesome magazine. It’s start us off with 3 bombshells; Christina Aguilera, Demi Laovato(below) and Emmy Rossum and it only gets better. How can you go wrong with that? Drink up this list and enjoy it til the last drop. You wont be disappointed.

2. 7 SNL Characters That Need to Retire 

If one thing is for sure, the staff at Ranker loves SNL… but sometimes it’s time enough is enough. Certain characters on SNL never quite make it mainstream and it gets really old really fast when the producers at NBC don’t catch on. We agree with for the most part here because they provided video great video proof as to why each of these 7 characters need to never make another come back. Let us know what you think of their list. Who would round out the Top 10?


3. The 13 Insane Mexican Food Crimes

As bizarre as the headline sounds this was one of the more popular lists on Ranker this week. Included at #2 is the man who made tamales out of the corpse of his friend after they got into an argument after drinking!!! Nuts right… Guessing that’s why you shouldn’t eat the worm out of the tequila bottle. Or like  killer who tapes burritos to all of his victims. Sounds like the plot to season 10 of Dexter.


4. 50 Top Albums of 2011

Here at Ranker, we’re big music fanatics and we think you might like this list of top records, each with a YouTube video of a song from the album. Of the hundreds of records released this year, Q The Music has taken the liberty to rate the 50 Greatest Albums of 2011 and this is a great way to tune in to some of the tracks you may have missed  throughout the year. If you’re a Spoitfy user you can click here to open the playlist and listen to all the albums at your leisure. Enjoy.


5. The 20 Best Fake Criterions for Really Sh*tty Movies

This glorious list doesn’t need much explanation at all. Just some simple photo-shopping and slap on a clever headline to make a crappy flick even crappier. Really the images speak for themselves.


6. 7 Nuclear Weapon Screw Ups You Won’t Believe We Survived

We’ve come closer to an all out nuclear winter more often than anyone would care to admit. To be honest, we were skeptics first, but once we read into the details provided by Craked, we where shocked to learn otherwise. There was the Tsar Bomba during the Cold War and that one time Bill Clinton nearly lost his marbles and misplaced the “keys to the end of the world.” SMH.


7.  10 Ridiculous Holiday Sweaters Out Now

Another epic list from Complex. If you’ve got that ugly sweater party coming up and your looking to trump your friends, this list is for you. From fornicating reindeer (below) to a blackface Santa. Not only are these awesome sweaters fulgy, Complex gives you the links so you can buy them right now and get them in to truly get into the spirit of the season with a heinous sweater.


8.   Popular Songs That Are Too Rape-y

At first listen these songs are pretty catchy but then when you take a closer listen to their lyrics it make you wonder. The team at BuzzFeed put together an ear-opening list of 7 songs that make wonder what you’re really singing along too. For exapmple in Grease’s “Summer Loving” the lyrics read.

GIRLS: “Tell me more, tell me more. Was it love at first sight?”

GUYS: “Tell me more, tell me more. Did she put up a fight?”


9. 55 Inspirational Quotes (with images)

If the changing of the season got you feeling a little gloom, take a look at this list of quotes that will rock you to your core and pep you back up. Maybe it’s a combination of cool typography or meaningful idioms we’ve read over and over again, but these quotes just stand out more than others do. Enjoy.

10. Best Films of 2011 

It’s that time of the year to start voting on the best of the best. A lot of really good movies came out this year. Right now, the action-romance Drive is taking the cake as the user-voted favorite movie of the year. We all know Bucky Larson ain’t making the cut, but where does Moneyball come in? Click on over and cast your vote for your favorite movies of 2011 and see if you agree with everyone’s faves.