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List Roundup

Another great week has come and gone. And the internet delivered yet again. Make sure you check these lists before heading off to see the family this week for Thanksgiving. There is a little something here for everyone, so enjoy and make a list of things you’re thankful for and share them with your family.

1. The Richest Eligible Bachelors:

Cash. Money. Cars. Bros. That’s the way the ladies like them. Here is a guide to the mega-millionaires who are unmarried. Have no fear ladies, these guys aren’t living at home with their moms. These guys are eligible and looking.

2. #worstpasswords of 2011:

Really? Your password is ‘password’? This list has been circling around the web this week. And it shows the stupid and super easy passwords people choose for all their accounts. For example; 123456  and iloveyou. You better double-check this list and make sure your password isn’t published because 600,000 people have their accounts broken into everyday.


3. 10 Worst Sex Scandal Excuses:

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Bill Clinton

Clinton, Woods and Anthony Weiner are all prominent individuals who’ve been caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. Take a look at these and other horrible sex scandal excuses they used to back-pedal themselves out of these sticky situations.


4. Best Thanksgiving sides:

Sweet mother of glory! The response from our community this week as been amazing. Everyone has voted and ranked their favorite sides, from sweet delicious yams to glorious stuffing. Take a look to see if your favorite is still near the top of this list.


5. Complete list of Video Games on South Park:

Complex compiled a list of all the games that have ever appeared on South Park. From Farmville to Lemmiwinks and every arcade game in-between. It’s all here on this list.


6. Horrible Celebrity Endorsements:

We still aren’t sure what product or who and what it would take to get Jerry and Bill to try on shoes? Really? Fire your agents guys, this is just plain sad. Some other examples are Ben Stiller in Japanese soda commercials or the fraud behind the Kardashian credit card.

7. Top Moments in Griefing History:

This list was one of the most popular list from Ranker this week. We got a lot of chatter in the comments about it. If you’re into gaming you’re not going to want to miss this detailed list of Let’s clear the airwaves once and for all; Nirvana sang “Here we are now, in containers”. You might be able to belt that on Karaoke night. But when the real spotlight is on for your American Idol audition you’d better have those lyrics correct. Brush up on the most misunderstood lyrics you’ve never been 100% on. BTW it’s “Here we are now, entertain us”.


8. 50 Secrets Everyone Needs to Know:

This list from High Existence is a 2 parter of self-improvements. If you found yourself in a rut this week browse this list and give these items a try. From sleeping less to not burning bridges We know there is some thing you’ll be able to take away and use to help you grind it out the next few days before you see your family for Thanksgiving.


9. Tips to Becoming a Better Bro

Your bros are looking for advice form a fellow bro. You might new to the bro-game and so these 1,300 Bro Tips will help you bridge that bro-gap. From a wide range of topic; Cash, money cars, bros, you’ll learn something. Good looking out Bro-chacho.


10. Top 25 movies you’ve never seen but probably should have:

Going into the long Thanksgiving weekend you’l need to be prepared as you can’t spend the down time with the family. You know they’ll drive you up a wall. Hop onto Netflix and queue-up a few of these movies. Ranker’s personal favorites are Boogie Nights and Snatch.


11. 10 Modern Day Renaissance Hunks:

Here is another list for the ladies or a bit of inspiration for the guys looking to impress. From the ever inclusive Brad Pitt to smart man James Franco the rebels are pushing the envelope to reshape manliness for future generations.