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List Roundup

What an eventful week in the world. We had celebrity deaths, political goofs, video game releases, a scandal and an another more serious scandal. But the internet rallied and pumped out some seriously awesome lists. These are the ones that may have slipped though the cracks. Enjoy.

1. Why the 8 GOP Candidates are like Supervillans:

This articulate list ties together all 8 GOP front runners to win the nomination and pairs them with a comic book villain. Now this isn’t your ordinary list. This will show you why the super powers of each of these villains are reasons alone why each of these candidates stand a great chance of winning the bid.

2. The 10 Most Obscene Credit Card Receipts:

As the staff here at Ranker can attest to, no night on the town is complete with 33 bottles of Cristal or 12 Red Bulls. That’s just how we roll. LeBron James agrees because this off season he dropped a cool $172,000 on a bar tab. Anyone dare to venture a guess on the tip he left?


3. Dumb Names For Farts:

When we told there was a list for everything, we weren’t kidding. This list will make it to the top of some of the most obscure lists we’ve ever read with names like Stink Ninja, Carpet Frog or the Angry Walrus. Insightful and thorough but not for the squeamish.



4. Top Movie Poster Cliches and What They Mean:

We’ve all seen the loner viewed from the back with his weapon. We’re looking at you Puss in Boots. Or the close up of the eye, yes you common cookie cutter horror flick. Iconic yet ironic. After reading over this list you’ll be able to spoil every movie without ever having to watch the movie or let alone trailer.


5. Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Veterans:

In honor of veterans day we thank all the brave men and women who have fought, lived or died to protect the freedoms we cherish daily. compiled a short list of some notable veterans from our past.


6. Most Negative Reviews of Jack and Jill:

Of all the movies to roll out this year Jack and Jill doesn’t top the list of must-sees. Give it up to the Happy Madison crew to pump out another movie that falls flat. Take a few minutes and look over these hilariously negative reviews, save yourself the $10 this weekend and stay in.

Jack and Jill isn’t really a movie, but more of an extended Royal Caribbean Cruises commercial with a Dunkin Donuts dance number set to an extended fart exploding from a dragged-out Adam Sandler’s buttocks.  – Matt Patches of


7. 23 Misheard Lyrics:

Let’s clear the airwaves once and for all; Nirvana sang “Here we are now, in containers”. You might be able to belt that on Karaoke night. But when the real spotlight is on for your American Idol audition you’d better have those lyrics correct. Brush up on the most misunderstood lyrics you’ve never been 100% on. BTW it’s “Here we are now, entertain us”.


8. 9 Proud Sluts:

This list from The Frisky is a great little “did you know” type of a list.  These model women not only broke the traditional mold but they reshaped it to how they see/saw fit. From notables like Angelina Jolie (below) and Madonna to Mae West and Coco Chanel these women knew what they wanted and were ready to run thought a brick wall to please (themselves).


9. College Majors With The Lowest Unemployment:

Spending an egregious amount on college is the new norm. The economy is still coming out of a funk and unemployment is though the roof. We recommend glancing at this list before you decide your major. And if your major isn’t listed. We don’t mean to poke fun, we’re just sharing the list Yahoo! published.


10. The Top 5 of Top 10:

An awesome list by our friends at Kotaku. If you’re unfamiliar with these round up lists; they are essentially the best of the best for that week in gaming. Certainly worth bookmarking their site and checking in frequently. For example, the list of the franchises that never got a video game, uh hello, Animaniacs!!! How did the game dev’s ever miss that one?