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Liam Neeson's Badass List of the Day

Few actors out there can make us laugh, cry and cheer louder than Liam Neeson. Who is as badass as this man? Who can play a guy we all root for in a movie like Taken, even after starring in The Phantom Menace? Who can teach Batman everything he knows and then turn on him?

And most importantly, who can deliver a line like this, from a movie nobody will remember (fondly), and still have the credibility of a God? 

Liam Neeson, that’s who. 

So today, on his birthday, as a thanks for all the great times, here are The 10 Greatest Moments in Liam Neeson Badassery.

BONUS: Read the list for the crazy Janice Dickinson rumor that will give you a new found respect for either him, or how lucky he is to have this rumor going around about him. Epic.

Liam Neeson Badass