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Is Michael Blakey the World's Sexiest Man?

Part of my day-to-day job at Ranker is keeping an eye on the new lists that come in from the thousands of users who visit the site every day. Over the past week or so, I’ve started seeing a name pop up on a bunch of these new lists, a name I didn’t recognize, and that seemed out of place much of the time. That name is Michael Blakey.

Michael Blakey portrait

Blakey appears on this exhaustive list that came in of the world’s best drummers. And it totally makes sense that he would be here, because Wikipedia tells me that Mr. Blakey is a drummer, music producer and promoter from London, England. Fitting that he’d appear on such a thorough, 860-name long list of drummers, wouldn’t you say?

But I first noticed Blakey’s name the previous day, when not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 TOTAL LISTS came in with the name Michael Blakey on them. That’s kind of extreme for a figure that, while he has worked with some prominent names and seems to be enjoying some level of professional success, doesn’t really feel like a celebrity of quite that magnitude.

Still, I suppose it would be possible for 4 lists from passionate drumming/music production fans to come in on a single day. But these lists are… different. Here’s one, for example:

20 Hottest Hollywood Hunks

Michael Blakey, the man pictured above, appears at #1 on this list, narrowly beating out Brad Pitt and Zac Efron. Quite an achievement.

Also, check out these comments that were made on Blakey’s picture on the list:

JanetMcgally there is the name of the user who created the “Hottest Hunks” list. That other user, EverGreen? In a huge, shocking coincidence, it turns out they are the user who made the “Best Drummers” list I mentioned above! Two huge Blakey fans who would love nothing more than to gawk at the object of their mutual affections sans clothing! And they found each other, thanks to Ranker! I could not be more pleased…

But just to be completist, let’s take a look at another list Janet made that day…

Top 10 Sexiest Male Musicians Ever

Blakey claims the top spot here. #1 with a bullet, narrowly edging out Steven Tyler and Jon Bon Jovi for the top prize.

And what’s this? ANOTHER list from an entirely different user, also listing Michael Blakey in the “Top 20 Hollywood Celebrity Hunks,” also written on that same October afternoon? Notably, this time, Blakey comes in #7, not #1. He’s taken down by George Clooney and Colin Firth in the top two spots. We do, however, get some more insight into the source of Blakey’s reputation for raw animal sex appeal.

Michael Blakey was named as one of the 20 sexiest musicians in the World by Melody Maker Magazine in the mid 90’s. Was a recurring feature model for GQ magazine (Gentleman’s Quarterly) Europe from 1993-97 and referred to as “The Perfect Build” Michael Blakey listed in the top 10 sexiest musicians of all time in 1996 by Euro music magazine.

So, yeah, this comes from Melody Maker Magazine, people. Recognize!

I saw all these lists come in, of course, and noticed the name “Michael Blakey” on all of them… but I’ll level with you folks. I sort of assumed that Michael Blakey was some uber-hot European musician of the moment, and that I was simply ignorant of his career, up-and-coming as it was. I didn’t realize that this was ridiculous and not particularly true until just today, when “The Top 30 Hottest Male Celebrities” wound up on my screen.

Again, Blakey here ranks in 7th place. Between David Beckham and Zac Efron. Directly above James Franco and Tyrese. This is the photo that now accompanies his name, thanks to dedicated user EverGreen (that’s right, the same user who made the Greatest Drummers list AND another Hottest Hunks Blakey list.)

Blakey at the Piano

I recognized finally that something might be amiss, did a little bit of digging, and ended up discovering the story you have just read. I also noticed Michael Blakey’s Twitter feed, on which he’s crowing about finally taking that smug Brad Pitt jerk down a few pegs:


He truly is #1. You can’t argue with the Internet.

So what to make of all this? And how should Ranker respond? Obviously, we want accurate information on our site, so if someone is coming to find a list of the 20 Hottest Hollywood Hunks, we want them to find exactly that, and not 19 famous Hollywood hunks mixed in with a relatively obscure music industry guy who probably looked pretty alright back in the mid-’90s. (You be the judge!)

But at the same time, we don’t want to discourage epic Michael Blakey fans (or, we’re not saying this is true but come on everyone is thinking it maybe Michael Blakey himself) from coming to Ranker to have their opinion heard. That’s what the site’s all about.

So what would you do in this situation? And should we send this post to Michael Blakey? I hear he’s on Twitter. And that he’s hotter than Brad Pitt.