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It’s almost Fall again, which means it’s time for the networks to introduce their exciting slates of new TV shows, most of which will no longer be on the air by the time the actual season of Fall draws to a close. It’s expensive to mount a TV show, after all, so only the real winners – the best of the best – are worth keeping on for the long haul. You think “Gary Unmarried” getting renewed for a second season was an accident? OK, actually, that probably was an accident. But you see what I mean.

Jay Mohr explains how he got CBS to renew “Gary Unmarried” by threatening to start blowing up school buses. Hey, he’s a big “Die Hard With a Vengeance” fan…

On Ranker, the community today started discussing which new Fall 2011 shows they were anticipating, and which new concepts didn’t really work for them. The top two on the list are both crime thrillers with a gimmicky psychological twist.

“Unforgettable” follows a cop (Poppy Montgomery) who has perfect memory, and uses it to solve crimes. “Person of Interest” – from “Memento” writer Jonathan Nolan – stars Michael Emerson (Ben from “Lost”) as a billionaire who invents a machine that can identify people who will be involved in a crime. Unfortunately, he can’t tell if these people are the victims, the criminals or the witnesses. So he hires (still with me?) a former CIA agent (played by Jim Caviezel) to track these people down and stop the crime from happening. Sort of like “Minority Report” meets “Quantum Leap.” but will it work without Dean Stockwell?

Ziggy says “probably not,” Sam, but the guy is Christopher Nolan’s brother…I don’t know…

Also eagerly anticipated is Fox’s “Terra Nova,” about a group of time travelers who found a colony in prehistoric Earth. It stars Stephen Lang from “Avatar” as a character who looks a lot like Stephen Lang from “Avatar.”

I have a beard this time. Totally different.

And what show are Ranker-ites NOT terribly excited about? Here’s a hint!

Another adaptation of “Charlie’s Angels” from Drew Barrymore? What’s next, she’s going to turn it into a grand opera?