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Happy Ranksgiving!

Dear Rankers,

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful that over 1 million people visit Ranker every month. We’re thankful that thousands have voted on our CrowdRanked lists in the past few weeks. But most of all, we’re thankful to you for making all of that happen.

Of course, no Thanksgiving would be complete without a feast. And, we’ve got a veritable buffet of lists to make your holiday even better. From handy how-to’s to help with the cooking to trippy turkey pics and T-Day trivia, we’ve got all your Ranksgiving needs covered.

Meanwhile, here at Ranker HQ, we’re putting the finishing touches on a brand new way to build lists. It’s cleaner, it’s clearer and it’s a whole lot prettier. And, you should be able to see it live on soon — just give us a few days to recover from our tryptophan comas first.

In the meantime, you can keep in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter.  We may not be able to button our pants after tomorrow, but we promise we’ll keep Tweeting and Facebooking the best lists all weekend long.

Happy Thanksgiving!
The Ranker Team