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Friday the 13th

It’s  Friday the 13th, a date that’s infamously said to be unlucky, although no one’s really sure why! (Wikipedia thinks it may have something to do with the Knights Templar, which sounds to us like they’ve just been playing too much “Assassin’s Creed.”)

In honor of this iconic, superstitious semi-holiday, we thought we’d celebrate. So here are 13 of our most fun lists, each with 13 items, just in time for Friday the 13th. That should bring good luck, right?

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Top 13 Serial Killers

13 Best Horror Movie Sequels 

13 Craziest Harry Potter Fan Moments

13 Most Incredible Viruses On Earth

13 Celebrity Stalkers

13 Greatest Zombies In Video Games

13 Alternative Universes In Pop Culture

13 Greatest TV News Anchor Freakouts

13 Best Horror Movie Remakes

13 Most Evil Government Experiments On Humans

13 Most Famous Female Scientologists

13 Funniest Video Game Deaths

Make sure you all head on over and create your own Top 13 list.

Happy Listing!


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