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Midnight Marathon Mega-Movie Madness of the Week

Rankers love movies. It’s the single most popular subject matter for new lists on our site. (Also popular? Window treatments!) With streaming services, DVD-by-mail offers, pay-per-view, iTunes and Redbox making it easier than ever to try out a wide range of movies, there’s a lot of interest in cataloging great films. Instead of throwing up their hands in despair, crying “There’s nothing good to watch on Netflix” just because the latest fighting-robots-from-space feature hasn’t been uploaded yet, Ranker gives movie fans a resource to find hundreds – nay thousands – of new titles in pretty much every genre, from Dinosaur Movies to Bank Robbery thrillers to movies in which adorable kids find even more adorable puppies and then have to start a hotel for them for some reason.

All of these dogs registered for the hotel under false names. That's not really "Buddy" at all!

Ranker lists aren’t just limited to just the traditional “Best Of” style like, say, “The Most Erotic Vampire Films” (though we have that one.) Here’s a VoteRanked collection of every feature-length Batman movie ever made, where visitors are voting for their favorites. Unsurprisingly, the Nolan films are in the lead thus far…

"Huh, Burton and Nolan both made good Batman films. I'm finding it hard to make up my mind for some reason...

Here, a Ranker regular kept track of her favorite “Body Switch” movies, and gave the rest of the community their say as well. (Apparently I’m not the only one who found “Prelude to a Kiss” unwatchably creepy. Good to know.)

And though it’s great for inviting votes and collaborating to determine the “best” of a genre, Ranker also has a lot of just straight-up helpful movie reference pages, useful in case you ever need a definitive list of all alien movies ever. (You know, for a class project or something.) And yes, I mean all movies about aliens, not all “Alien” movies. Cause there’s only 4 of those, 6 if you count the reprehensible “Alien vs. Predator” franchise and 7 if you could Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” which theoretically takes place in the same fictional universe.

The Alien creature is actually known as the "xenomorph" in stray dialogue from "Aliens" and "Alien 3." Or Pete to his friends.

Last up in our tour through Ranker’s movie category, here’s a quick rundown (with videos!) of some classic movie monologues. Note that this is an Open List, meaning you can enter in your own picks for the greatest monologue or speech in film history at the bottom if it’s not already on there.

[I myself had to add Alec Baldwin’s classic “God complex” rant from the awesomely terrible “Malice.” Enjoy!]

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The List of the Day (Dubstep Remix)

To get an authentic dubstep remix sound, disconnect your cable box, turn on your now-static-filled TV to full blast then read this post while soaking your head in a full bathtub.

Amazing, right? It totally works.

I bring this up because we’re witnessing a battle for the top few spots on the “Best DJs in the World” CrowdRanked list. And because I just generally like making fun of dubstep now that 80% of the Internet has become intensely obsessed with it. Seriously, every song now has about 20 dubstep remixes, even really terrible songs that would seemingly drive you insane if you had to listen to enough of it to make a successful remix.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a dubstep remix of “Like a G6”! “Like a G6”! They’re feeling so fly like a G6!…

Yeah… so… that happened.

Anyway, DJs Tiesto and Deadmau5 have been duking it out for the title of World’s Greatest DJ for a while now, and it’s started to get pretty close. (Armin van Buuren is up there, too.) Interestingly, some generally well-regarded DJs like Ferry Corsten and Felix Da Housecat (for some reason, I almost typed “Felix Da Houseguest” there, which is not really as cool a DJ name) aren’t performing all that well thus far.

So if you are superfans of some of these dudes, or you hate them (super-anti-fans?), by all means give them some help by voting or making your own suggestions list. Promise you’ll do it and I’ll post a dubstep remix of the already-largely-irritating LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” song.

OK, I trust you. Honor system…