Ranker is the web’s ranking platform, using user-voted rankings to harness the “wisdom of crowds” to answer both watercooler debates like worst movies of all time as well as practical questions like best car values. Ranker’s technology aggregates these granular opinions via a unique and engaging user interface, proprietary algorithms, and a semantic backbone.

From this engaging content platform (the average list spurs 10% visitor engagement, voting on an average of 10 items), Ranker already provides the most relevant result for thousands of “what are the best”-type questions across all verticals. Additionally, these clear, granular expressions of consumer sentiment have grown into a “taste graph” (people who like X also like Y and dislike Z).

Ranker launched in August, 2009 and has steadily grown to tens of millions of monthly unique visitors. Ranker is VC-backed by Draper Associates, Rincon Ventures, Siemer/Wavemaker Partners, Lowercase Capital, Bullpen Capital and various angels. The company just launched a distributed version so that 3rd party sites can add voteable lists – “listpolls” that also create meaningful content. Ranker was founded by Clark Benson, a serial entrepreneur with a prior internet exit (selling eCrush to Hearst in 2006).

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