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Ranker Predicts Spurs to beat Cavaliers for 2015 NBA Championship

The NBA Season starts tonight and building on the proven success of our World Cup and movie box office predictions, as well as the preliminary success of our NFL predictions, Ranker is happy to announce our 2015 NBA Championship Predictions, based upon the aggregated data from basketball fans who have weighed in on our NBA and basketball lists.

Ranker's 2015 NBA Championship Predictions as Compared to ESPN and FiveThirtyEight
Ranker’s 2015 NBA Championship Predictions as Compared to ESPN and FiveThirtyEight

For comparison’s sake, I included the current ESPN power rankings as well as FiveThirtyEight’s teams that have the most percentage chance of winning the championship.  As with any sporting event, chance will play a large role in the outcome, but the premise of producing our predictions regularly is to validate our belief that the aggregated opinions of many will generally outperform expert opinions (ESPN) or models based on non-opinion data (e.g. player performance data plays a large role in FiveThirtyEight’s predictions).  Our ultimate goal is to prove the utility of crowdsourced data, as while something like NBA predictions is a crowded space where many people attempt to answer this question, Ranker produces the world’s only significant data model for equally important questions, such as determining the world’s best DJseveryone’s biggest turn-ons or the best cheeses for a grilled cheese sandwich.

– Ravi Iyer

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Yao Ming Gets His Own List of the Day

Today (Saturday)’s List of the Day is a simple, thorough, and respectful homage to the most famous Asian man in the history of the NBA. Yao Ming has a spot in NBA history, and this list is proof. 

We will miss you, your performance

and his very, very popular meme

Have a great journey, Yao Ming. And thanks for all your hard work. 

The 15 Greatest Yao Ming Career Moments

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We Are All List of the Day Witnesses

The NBA Finals wrapped up last night with an exciting Game 6 pitting the Dallas Mavericks against the much-ballyhooed Miami Heat, featuring the “Big 3” combination of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Of course, the Mavericks handily took the game 105-95, beating out the Heat 4-2 and taking the championship. (The Mavs Dirk Nowitzki was shortly thereafter named the NBA Finals MVP.)

Of course, the game was all the talk of the social media world, with Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg and more overwhelmed with discussion and debate about the Finals. Of particular interest? Small forward LeBron James, who had controversially moved from his hometown of Cleveland to Miami at the start of the season to join forces with Bosh and Wade. (Had James promised in a pre-season press conference to bring home the first of 8 or more championships? Yes, yes he had.)

Man, I bet LeBron is glad he passed on wearing that fighter pilot outfit to this rally in retrospect…

So today’s featured list rounds up some of our favorite online quips, comments, images, memes, jokes and other <a href=””>funny NBA Finals reactions</a> from last night and today – most of them at LeBron James’ expense – for your reading pleasure. Enjoy, Cleveland! You guys have earned this…