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Post E3 Wrap-Up List of the Day

2011’s E3 video game conference, the most anticipated event in video games every year, was a great success. With Nintendo announcing their revolutionary new console/control, the Wii U (pronounced “wee you”), the internet went nuts either making fun of its size or speculating on the possible uses of the device. To all the naysayers, the gaming section of had this to say:

People Who Don’t Like Nintendo Games


Microsoft continues to milk their Kintect technology and Sony decided to make the same mistake Apple already learned from by making a portable device running on AT&T.

The general consensus of the three major presenters went as follows:

So today the list of the day today, now that E3 has come to an end, is The 50 Funniest Internet Reactions to E3 2011. Explanations, context and memes ahoy. Enjoy!