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Post E3 Wrap-Up List of the Day

2011’s E3 video game conference, the most anticipated event in video games every year, was a great success. With Nintendo announcing their revolutionary new console/control, the Wii U (pronounced “wee you”), the internet went nuts either making fun of its size or speculating on the possible uses of the device. To all the naysayers, the gaming section of had this to say:

People Who Don’t Like Nintendo Games


Microsoft continues to milk their Kintect technology and Sony decided to make the same mistake Apple already learned from by making a portable device running on AT&T.

The general consensus of the three major presenters went as follows:

So today the list of the day today, now that E3 has come to an end, is The 50 Funniest Internet Reactions to E3 2011. Explanations, context and memes ahoy. Enjoy!

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Captain Jack Sparrow's List of the Day

Did you know that Johnny Depp has given millions to charity? Did you hear that he got a fan letter from a little girl in London addressed to Jack Sparrow, asking Captain Jack to come help her start a mutiny against her teachers? And, since he was in town, he visited her school in full Jack Sparrow costume, without warning to teachers, school or students? 

Johnny Depp Stories

Well, he did. Which is what makes him one of the greatest guys ever. So, in honor of his birthday today, the list of the day is a round up of some of the most badass things he’s ever done, including stopping a mugging with a single look.

The 7 Greatest Johnny Depp Stories Ever Told

BONUS: Check out Ranker’s CEO Clark Benson interviewed on InfoChachkie

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Here Comes the List of the Day

June is in full swing, and wedding season is upon us, so it’s time to collect the greatest videos of people ruining weddings. 

From brides being set ablaze, to people getting shot, to groomsmen parachuting in and ruining guests’ cars, today’s list of the day features some of the most insane, hilarious and sometimes just horrible things that happen at weddings. 

For example (our personal favorite):

Sure, it’s not nice to make light of others’ misfortune, but when that misfortune is so colossal and, dare we say, “epic”, it’s hard not to notice. Come on, this video features someone so drunk that they decide to pole dance at a wedding. As if that’s not bad enough, they not only literally ruin the entire reception (I doubt the re-erected it and kept partying), but they injure the bride. Everyone left that incident unscathed except for the worst possible person who could have gotten hurt. 


So, be careful at all the weddings you’re going to this summer and enjoy today’s list of the day of The 20 Most Epic Wedding FAILs of All Time. 

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Liam Neeson's Badass List of the Day

Few actors out there can make us laugh, cry and cheer louder than Liam Neeson. Who is as badass as this man? Who can play a guy we all root for in a movie like Taken, even after starring in The Phantom Menace? Who can teach Batman everything he knows and then turn on him?

And most importantly, who can deliver a line like this, from a movie nobody will remember (fondly), and still have the credibility of a God? 

Liam Neeson, that’s who. 

So today, on his birthday, as a thanks for all the great times, here are The 10 Greatest Moments in Liam Neeson Badassery.

BONUS: Read the list for the crazy Janice Dickinson rumor that will give you a new found respect for either him, or how lucky he is to have this rumor going around about him. Epic.

Liam Neeson Badass

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The Strangest, Most Terrifying List of the Day

Every now and then a news story comes along reporting that some people in a rural part of the world have found some weird, otherworldly or unexplainable creature in the wild. Some look like aliens, while others look like monsters from legend. Pictures are spread throughout the internet, urban legends are born and skeptics are quick to provide explanations.

The above news story, for example, could probably be explained as such:

 Terrifying Creatures

“It was just Mr. Burns” would have been a perfectly reasonable explanation, but instead Ivana Wynn (yes, that is her real name) did some research and came up with a great list of The 10 Most Strange, Terrifying Creatures Ever Found, including the science, hype and reality surrounding each find. Including the one above.

Have fun trying to sleep tonight.

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The List of the Day is On Point

We love video games, in part, because they give us a sense of accomplishment. I didn’t just sit around my apartment for 12 hours teaching myself all about the physics of an imaginary teleportation gun! That would be silly. No, I was unlocking ACHIEVEMENTS, dammit! And maybe, just maybe, in the process, saving a young woman from the clutches of an evil Science-obsessed corporation. Anyway, you’re welcome.

So, yes, despite what your snarky friend my say (I hate that guy!), games DO in fact have a point. Otherwise, we’d just give up on them right away. (Ecco the Dolphin, I’m looking in your direction). Often times, however, the best parts of the game aren’t the more narrative bits, driving the story forward. And they aren’t even the mazes, puzzles and boss fights that keep things challenging. They’re the little moments, the side jokes, the small details that game creators threw in there to keep things interesting on repeat plays, or just to make people smile before pressing forward. These Great Pointless Moments in Gaming are under-appreciated, so Ranker’s own Adam Thomas collected them into a list.

Tidus, why you stop and play Blitzball all the time? You can’t breathe underwater, get out of there. World is being destroyed!

There are some examples from new games, but it’s hard not to notice that most of the really great “little touches” in gaming history came before the advent of modern graphics. Perhaps games back then were less about placing you in an immersive world that was compelling in its own right (creating a setting like, say, Rapture in the mid-’90s would have been challenging), so game designers had to get crafty about keeping the player engaged? Or maybe players are less patient now and too eager to jump into the next challenge? If you have your own theories, leave them in the comments below.

What I’m saying is, they should bring back Chao Garden. I miss those little guys…

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Today's List of the Day is a Doll

Have you ever been called “Dollface”? Neither have I, except for that one time, but hey, that’s most likely because I’m a dude (now let us never speak of that time again). But, there are some people who get that all the time, and we have the most famous ones all in once place. 

According to Ranker user ariannafelidae, there are 38 (exactly 38) women in Hollywood/show business who happen to have doll-like faces, and she decided to put them into a list for good measure.

Doll Face Doll 2

Sure, it’s weird, but her choices were pretty spot on, and so were the pictures that she included. So today’s list of the day is a bow to how accurate this list of 38 Famous Ladies That Look Like Dolls really is.

p.s. I bet none of these ladies’ houses have backs to them. It must get cold in the winter. 

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The Worst List of the Day of All Time

This week was a really interesting week for lists. One of our CrowdRanked lists got national attention, got a kid in trouble and made a lot of parents and conservatives very, very angry. Like, the news. This is the power of lists in action, folks.

Here’s what happened:

Some kid at an Arkansas middle school decided to plagiarize some Ranker lists for the yearbook’s “Pop Culture” section, which really isn’t the end of the world. 

His choice, though, was what got him national attention. He chose to put up the Top 5 people on our All-Time Worst People in History list, which, first of all, is CrowdRanked which you all know means it’s voted on by the internet. You guys decide the order.Well, at the time, the list included Adolph Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. This was printed in their yearbook without any attribution, along with a few more of our lists, and the conservative parents of the town of Russellville Arkansas (go Cyclones!) went nuts over the debacle. 

Here’s the news story, which even mentions us: 

And so, in honor of this news story and the insane controversy which blew up over one kid’s successful attempt to rustle some feathers (it is Russellville, after all… no? Nobody? *Dodges a thrown potato*) , today’s list of the day features the thirteen most ridiculous yearbook controversies. Yes, there have been so many that have made the news that we can pick out the 13 craziest ones. 

From scandalous outfits, to accidental nudity, to gang signs, to some horribly, horribly racist practical jokes, here are some yearbook controversies that also made the airwaves. Enjoy. 

The 13 Most Ridiculous Yearbook Controversies

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The List of the Day Got Skillz

Yesterday, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal announced using Twitter and a relatively new video sharing service called Tout that he was retiring from professional basketball. Of course, like all other fans of surreal post-game interviews, the team at Ranker was saddened by this news. But we were also delighted to scour the Internet for some of the highlights of Shaq’s long and storied NBA career. The result was this list of Shaq’s Career Highlight Videos and Greatest Moments.

Yes, “Shaq Fu” made the list. Weren’t you paying attention when I just described what it was about?

Compiling one list of 20 items to sum up Shaq’s massive influence on not just sports but pop culture was a challenge. Where to focus first? His bevy of creative nicknames? (Did anyone ever actually call him “Dr. Shaq,” we wonder?) His brief but memorable success as a hip-hop artist? That movie he made with the kid and the magic jukebox?

That’s where you come in. Check out the “Shaq’s Greatest Moments” list, and vote for your favorite videos. We’ll reorder the list based on the Ranker community’s tastes. Because we know you got skillz.

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Happy List of the Day, Mr. President…

It’s not only the glorious first day of June, but it’s also the birthday of not one but TWO celebrity beauties.

Legendary actress, model and icon Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st, 1926, meaning she’d be a ripe old 85 today. To commemorate the occasion, we’ve gathered together 20 of Marilyn Monroe’s famous quotes and sayings here. And remember, “It takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blonde.”

Today, they’d probably just figure out a way to fake this with CGI.

You may have noticed, Marilyn was surprisingly erudite, despite her frequent roles as a bubbly, somewhat dim caricature. Her final film, “The Misfits” (in which she co-stars with Clark Gable) gave some indication that there was more to her than the iconic sexpot that became her persona. Regrettably, while determining what would be her follow-up role, on August 5, 1962, she died in her Brentwood, California, home.