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Today's List of the Day is a Little Tipsy

Have you ever cooked while drunk? I think the majority of us enjoy a drink here or there while preparing our most delicious meals, but Hannah Hart of the popular web series My Drunk Kitchen takes it to whole other level. And that level is hard to beat.

Not is not only is she a friend of Ranker, but she has recently received a lot of attention for her charming videos where she runs a cooking show for beginners while completely inebriated. The results are hilarious

While some people can’t quite control their drinking

Hannah Hart brings a wit, charm and elegance to drinking alone, cooking and having some “you” time that can usually only be found in cartoons.

She’s also been getting a lot of attention from some great LGBT blogs like AfterEllen. So, in honor of one of the greatest new web series on YouTube, our list of the day is a votable list of The Very Best of My Drunk Kitchen (Videos). Bon appetit.

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The List of the Day Was a Rolling Stone

Happy Father’s Day to all you paternal Rankers out there! Hope you got something other than ties for your special day! Or at least, if you got a tie, you didn’t already get a coffee stain on it.

Judging from the number of Dad-themed lists we’ve gotten in recently, the Ranker community really loves its Papas. Here are some of our favorite fatherly lists:

Video Game Characters with Daddy Issues

A perfect list to show anyone who thinks of video games as childish, superficial entertainments. These games get into the real issues, exploring the tension between fathers and sons/daughters at least as effectively as that movie where Kevin Costner wanders around a cornfield and plays catch with the Ghost of Ray Liotta.

(Also, let’s pause for some real talk for just a second here…Do Little Sisters really have “daddy issues”? I’d say their biggest problem is that dude who’s running around Rapture like a maniac injecting himself with plasmids and murdering them for more precious ADAM. Yeah, there, I said it.)

I have daddy issues, and also there’s clearly something weird going on with my retinas.

The Best Liquid Father’s Day Gifts

My Dad used to tell me that the best gift I could give him was a tall glass of Shut the Hell Up. But perhaps your father isn’t an abusive alcoholic, but just a guy who likes an occasional cocktail. You know, socially. If that’s the case, this list has some helpful tips. I doubt most fathers would say no to the gift of delicious bourbon…brownest of the brown liquors…

What’s that? You want me to drink you?

2011’s New Celebrity Dads

Using Father’s Day to honor your own father is so 2010. This year, celebrate all of the new celebrity fathers enjoying Father’s Day brunch in beautiful Hollywood, California. (I wouldn’t be too jealous; I’m sure wherever they’re eating, everything’s organic, vegan and gluten-free.)

Plus, Colin Hanks is on this list, making his dad Tom a…grandfather! I guess that means we’re probably never going to get that sequel to “Bachelor Party” after all…So much for my online petition…

Don’t worry, Adrian Zmed. Things are going to come together for you one of these days…

The Worst Movie Fathers

So we’ve talked about a lot of GOOD fathers so far (or, at least, famous fathers, which is pretty much the same as being good, right?) So for a nice change of pace, check out Ranker user SaintMort’s take on the WORST dads in cinematic history.

Granted, it’s hard to top Jerry Blake from the original film “The Stepfather,” who turns out to be a homicidal maniac. (20 year old spoiler alert!) Plus, he’s played by Terry O’Quinn, who would later play John Locke on “LOST,” a character who ALSO had an infamously terrible father. Coincidence? Yeah, probably, but still kind of cool…

Thanks again for the kidney, dumbass.

Levon P has also contributed an alternative take on the Worst Movie Fathers. Though I personally don’t think it’s fair to single out Wayne Szalinski just because he shrunk his kids. First off, he totally was honest with his wife about the situation, even going so far as to name the title of the movie after his confession. PLUS, he grew the kids back to the right size again in the end, right? Until the baby got huge for the sequel, at least. That counts for something…

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Today's List of the Day is a Riot

The Vancouver riots that were spawned by the Vacouver Canucks (a hockey team) losing the Stanley Cup to Boston were actually pretty brutal. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage were done. Most of the pictures of the rioting and damage were astounding. This all happened because a team lost, which makes absolutely no sense: “Hey city that was rallying behind the team that lost, our team lost, take that!” It’d be like punching someone in the face at their parents’ funeral. Anyway, here are some of the more memorable shots.

vancouver kissing couple

(At least someone was scoring in Vancouver this week)

So, just to let everyone know that no, the world isn’t ending (again), Canada just does this sometimes. Want proof? Check out our list of the day, which is chock full of Canadian rioting: The 13 Craziest Hockey Riot Videos of All Time. That’s right, not just riot videos, but hockey riot videos! 


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The Get Better Clarence Clemons List of the Day

This week, Clarence Clemons (saxophone player for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band) suffered a stroke in his home. He is thankfully in stable condition, but still in the hospital. We all wish him and his family the best.

Clarence Clemons Moments

But we aren’t the only ones, of course, as he’s one of the greatest sax players in the industry and has a lot of friends in high places. 

Bruce Springsteen had the following to say: 

By now, many of you have heard that our beloved comrade and sax player Clarence Clemons has suffered a serious stroke. While all initial signs are encouraging, Clarence will need much care and support to achieve his potential once again. He has his wonderfully supportive wife, Victoria, excellent doctors and health care professionals, and is surrounded by friends and family.

I thank you all for your prayers and positive energy and concern. This is a time for us all to share in a hopeful spirit that can ultimately inspire Clarence to greater heights.

— Bruce Springsteen

And since Clemons recently played saxophone on Lady Gaga’s new album, she decided to say “get better” like only she can. With her social media power, she had dozens and dozens of fans make “Get Well” videos for him, which are all actually really, really sweet. She put the best ones together and introduced them in this video (say what you will about Lady Gaga and her fans, but they’re all insanely nice and good-hearted people):

And friend of Vince Hans has gone ahead and made an apt, amazing and accurate tribute/get well list of the Top 25 Clarence Clemons Moments from Bruce Springsteen Songs including (of course) the sax solo from Born to Run. Enjoy the list, and enjoy his work. 

Get better, Clarence!

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The List of the Day is Playing at My House

Uh, my haussss…

Sorry, forgot I was blogging for a second there. Today’s List of the Day comes to us from Beau Iverson, who has gone ahead and chosen the 25 Most Influential Artists in Electronic Music. Plus it’s VoteRanked, so your votes help to determine the order of the list. Feel like Art of Noise isn’t getting their due and propers? Vote ‘em up! Can’t believe relatively recent French phenomenon JUSTICE are being considered side-by-side with godfathers of the genre like Brian Eno? Vote ‘em down! (But don’t tell them we said that…they seem kind of intense and we at Ranker don’t need any problems from any French electronic duos.)

JUSTICE, I’m sorry.

No matter your musical tastes, we’re sure to have a few similarly detailed lists on Ranker about one of your favorite genres in our massive Music category. And if we don’t, because you’re into some new offshoot of metalcore invented by 2 guys from Astoria and we just haven’t heard about it yet, go ahead and make a list about it and show off your superior knowledge. How else are you supposed to obtain that valuable hipster cred?

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We Are All List of the Day Witnesses

The NBA Finals wrapped up last night with an exciting Game 6 pitting the Dallas Mavericks against the much-ballyhooed Miami Heat, featuring the “Big 3” combination of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Of course, the Mavericks handily took the game 105-95, beating out the Heat 4-2 and taking the championship. (The Mavs Dirk Nowitzki was shortly thereafter named the NBA Finals MVP.)

Of course, the game was all the talk of the social media world, with Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg and more overwhelmed with discussion and debate about the Finals. Of particular interest? Small forward LeBron James, who had controversially moved from his hometown of Cleveland to Miami at the start of the season to join forces with Bosh and Wade. (Had James promised in a pre-season press conference to bring home the first of 8 or more championships? Yes, yes he had.)

Man, I bet LeBron is glad he passed on wearing that fighter pilot outfit to this rally in retrospect…

So today’s featured list rounds up some of our favorite online quips, comments, images, memes, jokes and other <a href=””>funny NBA Finals reactions</a> from last night and today – most of them at LeBron James’ expense – for your reading pleasure. Enjoy, Cleveland! You guys have earned this…

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That's The List of the Week That Was

Well, it’s been a wildly eventful 7 days, and here at Ranker, our staff and our users tried to keep up as best we could. Of course, we couldn’t manage to crank out lists about EVERY big story. (That Tracy Morgan thing just seemed sad, and we couldn’t come up with a great list without offending one another.)

But ill-conceived stand-up routines aside, let’s take a fond look back at the past week…in helpful list form…


The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo, held right here in Los Angeles, CA, is one of the primary events in the video game calendar. Right after Sir Ian McKellan’s yearly invite-only LAN parties. But less exclusive. Plus, at E3, the major console makers and game developers preview their hottest releases for the holiday season and the following year.

Photo by PopCultureGeek. Presumably musky odor by 40% of those in attendance.

Ranker’s Ariel Kana tracked all the action in this E3 Demo Roundup and curated the Best of the Internet’s reaction to the week-long event.


Yes, there is a real scandal called Weinergate. Yes, it involves the public display of a man’s genitals. Apparently, the media is now controlled by 9 year old boys.

“Hey, what’s up with this Twitter thing, amirite?” Photo by Boss Tweed.

Anyway, for those closely monitoring the “Anthony-Weiner-showed-his-junk-to-people-digitally” story, who would like some additional background, may we recommend Ranker’s rundown of major Democrat sex scandals up to and including Representative Weiner. (Oh, wait, his NAME is also WEINER! How am I just now getting this!)

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

On Monday, Steve Jobs appeared to give the keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC, a gathering of developers who are designing new software for Apple’s OS X and iOS platforms. What better opportunity could there be to walk down Apple memory lane, listing the Top Steve Jobs Keynote Moments of all time?

Photo by Acaben

How popular are Jobs’ speeches, known affectionately as “Steve-Notes”? There are 10 different moments listed, and the commenters have come up with at least 5 others that could have made the cut! Not bad for a guy in a black turtleneck and jeans talking about gadgets…

Happy Birthday Liam Neeson

Sure, you could say that the 59th birthday of the popular Irish actor isn’t on the same level of importance as a major political sex scandal or the biggest week in the video game calendar. Sounds like a good way to get throat-punched to me, though…

Few things are more unpleasant than taking a guy hostage who has an unkempt neckbeard. There’s not enough hand soap in the world…

To avoid that dreadful fate, go ahead and read up on Neeson’s Top 10 Moments in Badassery. Also, rewatch “Gangs of New York.” It’s better than you remember.

The NBA Finals

The Heat faced off against the Mavericks in the Finals this week, prompting a whole lot of angry online discussions about the relative merits of LeBron James, his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami and his other decision to make fun of the guy playing through a 102 degree fever.

Photo by Keith Allison, who got so close to Dirk Nowitzki, he should probably get to an emergency room.

Ranker user Trevor took a look ahead at the up-and-coming NBA teams likely to have an impact NEXT season. LeBron is likely already thinking of jumping ship.

Super 8

JJ Abrams’ and Steven Spielberg’s new sci-fi adventure has been favorably compared to ’80s classics like “The Goonies” and “ET,” and raked in almost $40 million at the box office this past weekend. Not bad for a movie with no major stars that isn’t part of a franchise…

“Looks like a big crate of food or something…But what the hell is the ‘Dharma Initiative’?

Anyone hoping to relive some of the movie’s highlights would do well to check out our Super 8 Quotes guide. We’ll keep filling it out after everyone has seen the movie. (No spoilers!)

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Post E3 Wrap-Up List of the Day

2011’s E3 video game conference, the most anticipated event in video games every year, was a great success. With Nintendo announcing their revolutionary new console/control, the Wii U (pronounced “wee you”), the internet went nuts either making fun of its size or speculating on the possible uses of the device. To all the naysayers, the gaming section of had this to say:

People Who Don’t Like Nintendo Games


Microsoft continues to milk their Kintect technology and Sony decided to make the same mistake Apple already learned from by making a portable device running on AT&T.

The general consensus of the three major presenters went as follows:

So today the list of the day today, now that E3 has come to an end, is The 50 Funniest Internet Reactions to E3 2011. Explanations, context and memes ahoy. Enjoy!

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Captain Jack Sparrow's List of the Day

Did you know that Johnny Depp has given millions to charity? Did you hear that he got a fan letter from a little girl in London addressed to Jack Sparrow, asking Captain Jack to come help her start a mutiny against her teachers? And, since he was in town, he visited her school in full Jack Sparrow costume, without warning to teachers, school or students? 

Johnny Depp Stories

Well, he did. Which is what makes him one of the greatest guys ever. So, in honor of his birthday today, the list of the day is a round up of some of the most badass things he’s ever done, including stopping a mugging with a single look.

The 7 Greatest Johnny Depp Stories Ever Told

BONUS: Check out Ranker’s CEO Clark Benson interviewed on InfoChachkie

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Here Comes the List of the Day

June is in full swing, and wedding season is upon us, so it’s time to collect the greatest videos of people ruining weddings. 

From brides being set ablaze, to people getting shot, to groomsmen parachuting in and ruining guests’ cars, today’s list of the day features some of the most insane, hilarious and sometimes just horrible things that happen at weddings. 

For example (our personal favorite):

Sure, it’s not nice to make light of others’ misfortune, but when that misfortune is so colossal and, dare we say, “epic”, it’s hard not to notice. Come on, this video features someone so drunk that they decide to pole dance at a wedding. As if that’s not bad enough, they not only literally ruin the entire reception (I doubt the re-erected it and kept partying), but they injure the bride. Everyone left that incident unscathed except for the worst possible person who could have gotten hurt. 


So, be careful at all the weddings you’re going to this summer and enjoy today’s list of the day of The 20 Most Epic Wedding FAILs of All Time. 

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