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Is Michael Blakey the World's Sexiest Man?

Part of my day-to-day job at Ranker is keeping an eye on the new lists that come in from the thousands of users who visit the site every day. Over the past week or so, I’ve started seeing a name pop up on a bunch of these new lists, a name I didn’t recognize, and that seemed out of place much of the time. That name is Michael Blakey.

Michael Blakey portrait

Blakey appears on this exhaustive list that came in of the world’s best drummers. And it totally makes sense that he would be here, because Wikipedia tells me that Mr. Blakey is a drummer, music producer and promoter from London, England. Fitting that he’d appear on such a thorough, 860-name long list of drummers, wouldn’t you say?

But I first noticed Blakey’s name the previous day, when not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 TOTAL LISTS came in with the name Michael Blakey on them. That’s kind of extreme for a figure that, while he has worked with some prominent names and seems to be enjoying some level of professional success, doesn’t really feel like a celebrity of quite that magnitude.

Still, I suppose it would be possible for 4 lists from passionate drumming/music production fans to come in on a single day. But these lists are… different. Here’s one, for example:

20 Hottest Hollywood Hunks

Michael Blakey, the man pictured above, appears at #1 on this list, narrowly beating out Brad Pitt and Zac Efron. Quite an achievement.

Also, check out these comments that were made on Blakey’s picture on the list:

JanetMcgally there is the name of the user who created the “Hottest Hunks” list. That other user, EverGreen? In a huge, shocking coincidence, it turns out they are the user who made the “Best Drummers” list I mentioned above! Two huge Blakey fans who would love nothing more than to gawk at the object of their mutual affections sans clothing! And they found each other, thanks to Ranker! I could not be more pleased…

But just to be completist, let’s take a look at another list Janet made that day…

Top 10 Sexiest Male Musicians Ever

Blakey claims the top spot here. #1 with a bullet, narrowly edging out Steven Tyler and Jon Bon Jovi for the top prize.

And what’s this? ANOTHER list from an entirely different user, also listing Michael Blakey in the “Top 20 Hollywood Celebrity Hunks,” also written on that same October afternoon? Notably, this time, Blakey comes in #7, not #1. He’s taken down by George Clooney and Colin Firth in the top two spots. We do, however, get some more insight into the source of Blakey’s reputation for raw animal sex appeal.

Michael Blakey was named as one of the 20 sexiest musicians in the World by Melody Maker Magazine in the mid 90’s. Was a recurring feature model for GQ magazine (Gentleman’s Quarterly) Europe from 1993-97 and referred to as “The Perfect Build” Michael Blakey listed in the top 10 sexiest musicians of all time in 1996 by Euro music magazine.

So, yeah, this comes from Melody Maker Magazine, people. Recognize!

I saw all these lists come in, of course, and noticed the name “Michael Blakey” on all of them… but I’ll level with you folks. I sort of assumed that Michael Blakey was some uber-hot European musician of the moment, and that I was simply ignorant of his career, up-and-coming as it was. I didn’t realize that this was ridiculous and not particularly true until just today, when “The Top 30 Hottest Male Celebrities” wound up on my screen.

Again, Blakey here ranks in 7th place. Between David Beckham and Zac Efron. Directly above James Franco and Tyrese. This is the photo that now accompanies his name, thanks to dedicated user EverGreen (that’s right, the same user who made the Greatest Drummers list AND another Hottest Hunks Blakey list.)

Blakey at the Piano

I recognized finally that something might be amiss, did a little bit of digging, and ended up discovering the story you have just read. I also noticed Michael Blakey’s Twitter feed, on which he’s crowing about finally taking that smug Brad Pitt jerk down a few pegs:


He truly is #1. You can’t argue with the Internet.

So what to make of all this? And how should Ranker respond? Obviously, we want accurate information on our site, so if someone is coming to find a list of the 20 Hottest Hollywood Hunks, we want them to find exactly that, and not 19 famous Hollywood hunks mixed in with a relatively obscure music industry guy who probably looked pretty alright back in the mid-’90s. (You be the judge!)

But at the same time, we don’t want to discourage epic Michael Blakey fans (or, we’re not saying this is true but come on everyone is thinking it maybe Michael Blakey himself) from coming to Ranker to have their opinion heard. That’s what the site’s all about.

So what would you do in this situation? And should we send this post to Michael Blakey? I hear he’s on Twitter. And that he’s hotter than Brad Pitt.

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Everything Sucks on the Lists of the Week

Ooh, does that sound too negative? Not sure anyone’s going to want to click on that link. Oh well, too late now.

At Ranker, we try to accentuate the positive. Like in that old song. “My Favorite Things.” Anyway, that’s why you’ll see a lot of Ranker lists posted on the front page, and around the Web, for “Best Of” lists. Those are huge. Everyone wants to hear the best bands, see the best movies, wear the best brands and eat the best shark recipes available. (Yes, of course that’s a thing.)

But a lot of the most interesting lists aren’t about the Best stuff that’s out there. They’re about the Worst things in life. And it’s about time we stopped being so prejudiced against Worst Of lists, which in their own way, can be just as informative and entertaining as the other kind. (Not to mention dryly amusing, when done properly.)

So here’s a quick rundown of the Best of the Worst Ranker lists of the moment. Well, wait, they’re not the Worst lists. They’re the Worst-Of lists. The Best of the Worst of Ranker lists? No, that just sounds weird. Damn… this blog post sucks…

The Worst Fashion Trends of All Time

The CrowdRanked list that asks the question: “Which was the worse crime against decency and good taste? The mullet or the jegging?” I know, it’s tough…

Personally, I’m a bit offended that my own suggestion – shutter shades – isn’t doing better. Is there ANYONE besides Kanye West and maybe the occasional Asian DJ who thinks shutter shades still look cool?

This is the Wikipedia file photo for the concept of “shutter shades.” The Wikipedia editors are trying to tell you to stop wearing them in the only way they know how.

Because this is a CrowdRanked list, you can actually continue adding new suggestions on there by making your own list. I’m not sure if you can top Hammer Pants or Crocs in terms of most widespread, egregious fashion disasters… but I welcome you to give it a try.

The Worst Oscar-Winning Actors Ever

It’s sort of commonly understood that everyone who wins an Academy Award must be hugely talented. Even if maybe they didn’t deserve it for the thing that actually won, as when Scorsese won an Oscar for “Departed” that was largely seen as a retroactive award for his entire filmography… it’s hard to knock Oscar winners in general as being a talented crop of people.

Having said that, a number of the past winners of the Best Actor award (and really, in every acting category) didn’t exactly go on to win the same manner of accolades for their entire careers. So it’s time to look back at all the Best Actor winners and pick out the ones who, perhaps in retrospect, maybe shouldn’t have that trophy on their mantle.

Hey, Roberto, how big do you think your chances are of taking the #1 spot in this list?

Yeah, seriously, what the hell was going on that year? A romantic comedy set at a concentration camp? That really worked for you, America of the 1990s? It’s like, for a few years there, someone put Dexter in charge of Miramax or something. That is just grim.

The Dumbest Reality Shows on TV

It’s hard to straight-up do a “Worst Reality Shows” list… because some of them are so bad they are actually pretty good. That’s kind of the point. If you’re watching “Hoarders,” you’re probably under no illusions that this is going to be an hour well spent, expanding your horizons such as you would when reading a great novel or learning a new skill. You just want to see some losers living on top of rodent skeletons so that you can go to sleep knowing at least 2 people out live a lifestyle even more off-putting than your own. I get that.

Still, we can all agree on some common ground, that some reality shows are just smarter than others. For example, some reality shows don’t feature Snooki. So there you go right there.

Don’t worry about it, though… One day, all TV shows will feature Snooki. Here she is auditioning for Andy Rooney’s recently-vacated “60 Minutes” spot.

Unsurprisingly, “Toddlers and Tiaras” and the Kardashian family have been performing strong right out of the gate. I was sort of surprised to see how many “classic” reality shows had made the list, though. Considering that most reality TV is designed to be immediately satisfying and then extremely disposable, it’s amazing this many people even recall “Temptation Island” or “The Ashlee Simpson Show” enough to hate them. And yet… here we are… I’m so proud of all of you for hanging on to your disgust over the years, even the decades.

Occupy Wall Street: The Worst Protesters AND the Worst Reactions

Finally, a pair of lists about the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that has captured the American public’s fascination and attention this past month. (At least, during all our spare time in between Internet searches for a scorpion jacket like Ryan Gosling wore in “Drive” that we are convinced will make us the hit of the Halloween party even though every third guy is probably going to show up in one of those.)

Yes, a pair of lists. Because I don’t want to post just one political list, and it happens to lean to one side of the spectrum or the other and we get ones of dozens of e-mails from angry people about how Ranker hates the Constitution and Ranker’s killing 3 acres of rainforest every second and websites for list-making were Leon Trotsky’s idea originally anyway. Cause none of us need that.

So first up is a list of silly videos in which Occupy Wall Street protesters (and other sympathetic protesters from solidarity movements across the nation) demonstrate their not-exactly-100%-firm grasp on the economic issues at stake.

Like this guy, who’s seriously upset that Radiohead didn’t show up to play at the protest, as was promised. He’s basically holding a side protest at the protest about how he didn’t get to see Radiohead for free:

Which is weird because exactly how is Radiohead considered protest music anyway? It’s hard to really get your righteous anger on to, say, “No Surprises.”

And for those of you who firmly support the protesters and don’t at all like the idea of a list mocking them, check out this guide to the most unhinged mainstream media reactions to the OWS movement. It includes gems like this clip of “Fox and Friends” referring to the protesters as criminals and drug users:

Seriously, what is up with that show. Next, they’ll be inviting the children of legendary country music stars on to come on and compare Obama to Hitler.

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Lists of the Third Week Before Halloween!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when everyone dresses up in costumes, celebrates the macabre and eats entirely too many sweets. Well, OK, it’s not EXACTLY that time of year yet. It’s the time of year when impatient types start putting up Halloween decorations and everyone else goes to see 8 Ryan Gosling movies in a row. But… close enough… We need to start promoting these Halloween lists NOW if we hope to compete with best-haunted-houses-in-us-free-iphone-now.html or what have you.

Plus, you’ll need some extra time to actually figure out what you’re going to go as this year, so you’re not stuck at the last minute throwing together a lame, half-assed, possibly racist Antoine Dodson outfit like you did last year. (Anyone else wondering what this year’s official half-assed last-minute meme costume will be? My money’s on Nyan Cat or the Rent Is Too Damn High guy.

Our children can’t even afford breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or proper fake beards, for that matter.

But think of the difference a bit of EFFORT can make. If you need ideas, perhaps your favorite celebrity can provide costume inspiration? Or maybe you’re a discerning hipster in need of something both time-consuming to create and appropriately ironical? Ranker’s guide to Hipster Halloween Costumes can help.

This is Brian from Ranker. I’m putting this picture here because, next year, we’ve convinced him to actually wear a Halloween costume rather than normal work clothes, seen here.

But maybe you’re lazy and you like to occasionally work up a nice batch of neck sweat. (Hey, no judgement.) You’ll want to peruse this fine selection of the scariest Halloween masks. Because nothing says “I have crippling social anxiety” quite like showing up to a Halloween party wearing headgear that prevents you from speaking or making eye contact with anyone.

Remember, kids, Dr. Tongue may LOOK scary, but he’s more afraid of you than you are of him.

And as long as we’re getting the Halloween planning out of the way early – so we can spend the next 3 months doing CHRISTMAS planning, obviously – it’s about time to start considering the annual Halloween party. And what’s the biggest problem facing all Halloween parties? Besides the fact that it’s the one occasion per year by which you are legally mandated to actually pay money for candy corn? Of course, it’s a lack of appropriately themed music options.

I mean, honestly, how many times can you subject your guests to Donovan’s “Season of the Witch”? We’re talking 12, 15 tops.

If it were “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” I MIGHT make an exception and upgrade it to 20 times. Might.

Our Open List of the Best Halloween Songs includes a number of novel suggestions, and even allows you to add more ideas of your own, in case we forgot one. (Yes, “The Purple People Eater” is already on there, despite no one ever actually opting to listen to that song voluntarily in the sum total of human history. PROVE ME WRONG.)

But I realize now that I’ve been leaving out a large group of potential Ranker fans from the discussion… those who prefer to skip the parties and trick-or-treating and retreat to their homes for horror movie marathons and werewolf role play in the bedroom. (What? That can’t just be me.) While you’re configuring your Netflix play list (or your Qwakster or Flickquick or Bisquick playlist or whatever they’ve decided to call it now), be sure to check out our CrowdRanked guide to the Greatest Horror Films Ever to make sure you’ve seen all the classics.

I bet a bunch of you haven’t even SEEN “Serpent and the Rainbow.” Have you? Don’t you lie to me…

It features Bill Pullman fighting zombies. What are you waiting for, a formal written invitation?

And because we’re not ONLY about traumatizing young children, here’s an alternate list of more kiddie-appropriate scary movies. And yes, we included “Beetlejuice” even though he visits that ghost brothel in one scene, and we’re pretty sure Keaton drops at least one F-bomb in there. Cause your precious little darlings can handle it and that movie’s awesome.

It’s this scene and he says “Nice f-ing model” and then there’s a honking noise. Just need to make sure you guys know that I know. OK, I feel better.

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Midnight Marathon Mega-Movie Madness of the Week

Rankers love movies. It’s the single most popular subject matter for new lists on our site. (Also popular? Window treatments!) With streaming services, DVD-by-mail offers, pay-per-view, iTunes and Redbox making it easier than ever to try out a wide range of movies, there’s a lot of interest in cataloging great films. Instead of throwing up their hands in despair, crying “There’s nothing good to watch on Netflix” just because the latest fighting-robots-from-space feature hasn’t been uploaded yet, Ranker gives movie fans a resource to find hundreds – nay thousands – of new titles in pretty much every genre, from Dinosaur Movies to Bank Robbery thrillers to movies in which adorable kids find even more adorable puppies and then have to start a hotel for them for some reason.

All of these dogs registered for the hotel under false names. That's not really "Buddy" at all!

Ranker lists aren’t just limited to just the traditional “Best Of” style like, say, “The Most Erotic Vampire Films” (though we have that one.) Here’s a VoteRanked collection of every feature-length Batman movie ever made, where visitors are voting for their favorites. Unsurprisingly, the Nolan films are in the lead thus far…

"Huh, Burton and Nolan both made good Batman films. I'm finding it hard to make up my mind for some reason...

Here, a Ranker regular kept track of her favorite “Body Switch” movies, and gave the rest of the community their say as well. (Apparently I’m not the only one who found “Prelude to a Kiss” unwatchably creepy. Good to know.)

And though it’s great for inviting votes and collaborating to determine the “best” of a genre, Ranker also has a lot of just straight-up helpful movie reference pages, useful in case you ever need a definitive list of all alien movies ever. (You know, for a class project or something.) And yes, I mean all movies about aliens, not all “Alien” movies. Cause there’s only 4 of those, 6 if you count the reprehensible “Alien vs. Predator” franchise and 7 if you could Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” which theoretically takes place in the same fictional universe.

The Alien creature is actually known as the "xenomorph" in stray dialogue from "Aliens" and "Alien 3." Or Pete to his friends.

Last up in our tour through Ranker’s movie category, here’s a quick rundown (with videos!) of some classic movie monologues. Note that this is an Open List, meaning you can enter in your own picks for the greatest monologue or speech in film history at the bottom if it’s not already on there.

[I myself had to add Alec Baldwin’s classic “God complex” rant from the awesomely terrible “Malice.” Enjoy!]

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The List of the Day (Dubstep Remix)

To get an authentic dubstep remix sound, disconnect your cable box, turn on your now-static-filled TV to full blast then read this post while soaking your head in a full bathtub.

Amazing, right? It totally works.

I bring this up because we’re witnessing a battle for the top few spots on the “Best DJs in the World” CrowdRanked list. And because I just generally like making fun of dubstep now that 80% of the Internet has become intensely obsessed with it. Seriously, every song now has about 20 dubstep remixes, even really terrible songs that would seemingly drive you insane if you had to listen to enough of it to make a successful remix.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a dubstep remix of “Like a G6”! “Like a G6”! They’re feeling so fly like a G6!…

Yeah… so… that happened.

Anyway, DJs Tiesto and Deadmau5 have been duking it out for the title of World’s Greatest DJ for a while now, and it’s started to get pretty close. (Armin van Buuren is up there, too.) Interestingly, some generally well-regarded DJs like Ferry Corsten and Felix Da Housecat (for some reason, I almost typed “Felix Da Houseguest” there, which is not really as cool a DJ name) aren’t performing all that well thus far.

So if you are superfans of some of these dudes, or you hate them (super-anti-fans?), by all means give them some help by voting or making your own suggestions list. Promise you’ll do it and I’ll post a dubstep remix of the already-largely-irritating LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” song.

OK, I trust you. Honor system…

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The List of the Week is on Team Jacob

Yes, the title of this post is a “Twilight” reference. I’m going to go take a 4-hour bleach bath in the hopes that, one day, I might feel clean again.

OK, back. It’s been a dazzling week in the World of Entertainment. Last week, the Emmy Awards taught us all how to laugh again. The new Fall TV season immediately caused us to once more forget how to laugh. Award hopefuls and big end-of-year films began rolling out into movie theaters. And one of the world’s biggest rock bands decided to stop touring and go back to standing in the place where they live. (Now face North!)

Let’s get to it…

First “Whitney” Airs to Universal Acclaim… No, Wait, What’s the Opposite of Acclaim?

About a month ago, we asked Ranker users to rate the new Fall TV series they were most excited about. “Person of Interest” topped the results, followed closely by FOX’s “Terra Nova” and the Zooey Deschanel sitcom “The New Girl.”

This week, we’ve finally gotten a chance to see if the Ranker-ers were right on the money. (Certainly, their collected lack of interest in “The Playboy Club” and “Charlie’s Angels” seem to have been warranted.)

SOMEHOW, “Whitney” – the throwback sitcom featuring stand-up comic Whitney Cummings – was the #6-rated overall most anticipated show, despite featuring some of the most hacky and irritating advertisements for any TV series (or, really, thing) in recent memory.


The expression on that actor’s face in the background is completely surreal. It’s like, “Hey, look at that, I’m on a billboard next to this smiling lady. All right… Oh, a Wahoo’s. Maybe I can get some fish tacos after this.”

The Fall TV season also means that long-time favorite shows are back from their summer hiatus. Which means “Fringe” is introducing its 8th parallel universes, Ashton Kutcher is replacing Violent Tiger Torpedo of Wizard Truth Charlie Sheen on “2 and a Half Men” and “The Simpsons” is back for Season 93! (“Simpsons” fans really owe it to themselves to check out this awesome collection of Springfield USA Tourist Attractions. Look out, Utica!


If you end up in the Russian District, you’ve gone too far.

Will America Accept a Shirted Taylor Lautner?

New films this weekend included “Moneyball” – with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill – and “Dolphin Tale,” a 3D film about Morgan Freeman fitting a dolphin for a prosthetic tail. Seriously. We did a list about quotes from the movie “Dolphin Tale”. This is my job, people. Get on board.

“I guess I just figured… we’d already helped every human being on Earth who was missing a limb, and it was probably time to get started with fish. Mammals, whatever.”

But the big news this weekend were the reviews for Taylor Lautner’s new action/thriller “Abduction.” They were not good! At all! Often hilariously so!

Take Kyle Smith of The New York Post: “Actual abduction may be preferable to the movie of the same name, but only if your kidnappers don’t torture you by forcing you to watch it.”

And so forth.

R.E.M Thinks They’ve Had Too Much Of This Life

Well, hang on.

Yes, Athens, Georgia’s very own R.E.M. has called it quits after just over 30 years together this week, after lead singer Michael Stipe announced he intended to spend more time at home with his beard.

And now, because I’m the one writing this blog, my favorite R.E.M. song:

Had considered picking “Radio Free Europe,” but going for the first popular song on the debut album seemed too insufferable.

Ranker users commemorated the occasion by voting on their favorite all-time R.E.M. albums (Life’s Rich Pageant is out to an early lead), and counting down some of their fondest R.E.M. moments and memories. Mercifully, Shiny Happy People did not make the cut. Really can’t stand that one…

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The List of the Day Shops at the Fashionable Male, being an Internet startup, has something of a lax dress policy around the office. Let’s put it this way – we interpret “business casual” as meaning “footwear-optional.” And most of us aren’t exercising those options. There is one exception – Content and Community Manager Brian Gilmore, who not only will frequently wear shirts with collars, but sometimes even a vest on top of it. And not even some cheap vest – one of the ones with the buckle in back, like it came out of a tuxedo or something. How can the rest of us compete with that?

Anyway, just because most of us lack any knowledge of fashion or style beyond “don’t wear white after Labor Day or on days you plan to eat tomato sauce and/or pudding” doesn’t mean the SITE that we manage can’t have some decent fashion content. Like this guide to the best jeans and denim brands. Or our latest CrowdRanked list, a look at the top designers of men’s shoes. So many great styles and designers to choose from, even Don Draper could learn a thing or two… Yes, he may not have an Emmy, but when discussing fictional characters with impeccable fashion sense, he’s still our go-to reference.

Don, hey, I’m just kidding. Relax, guy. You’ll get that Emmy some day. They can’t churn out new “Breaking Bads” forever, right? They’re drug dealers, it’s usually not a long, storied career that’d take 13 seasons to arc, amirite?

Find even more Ranker Fashion content on our tag page. And remember, one stain on your shirt is just a stain… but two stains is a pattern.

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I'd Like to Thank the List of the Day… and My Agent

Tonight is the 63rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards, and you know what that means… Los Angeles’ supply of collagen is at a historic low tonight. You want thick, lustrous, not-at-all-even-vaguely-human-looking lips, you better be willing to pay zombipocalypse prices.

It also means millions of Americans (and probably, let’s say, 7-10 other people from countries around the globe!) will be rapt at their television sets, watching celebrities give one another golden statues for being so incredibly hilarious and awesome.

OK, that sounds a bit cynical for a corporate communication. Let me try again. Something with some more SEO-type keywords…

She made all this money just by typing SEO-friendly keywords. For real. It works.

Once again, it’s Emmy night, that time when the world of television’s brightest stars come out to shine and celebrate the very best of the medium. (Though unless it’s on HBO or about cooking meth, the options are still surprisingly thin, let’s be honest.)

Oh well, I tried.

Anyway, Ranker has a variety of fascinating lists to check out while you’re waiting to see if Jon Cryer gets his name called, and we all find out exactly what Charlie Sheen-induced PTSD looks like up close.

Get an idea for who might come out on top tonight by reading our Emmy Predictions list. Then come taunt us in the comments afterwards for everything we got wrong. (Just for fun, try to be more clever than, say, this: “Julianna Marguiles? FAIL.” That’s where we’re setting the bar.)

Outstanding Comedy Series in particular looks to be a competitive category. “The Big Bang Theory” and “Parks and Recreation” are both nominated for the first time this year, and they’re up against 3 heavy hitters – “Modern Family” (which won last year), “Glee” (nominated last year and beloved for some reason) and 3-time winner “30 Rock.” See every show that has taken the top comedy prize on our VoteRanked list of the greatest Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy winners. And by the way, has anyone ever seen or heard of a show called “My World and Welcome To It”? It apparently has won an Emmy but I have to think it’s just some elaborate hoax:

This is seriously a thing? Really? I don’t believe you.

For more Emmy history, we’ve collected several of the most glaring Emmy snubs of all time. This year has two HUGE oversights in a single category, actually – Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

The two funniest characters on TV this past season were Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” and Leon Black from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Yet neither of the actors behind these characters – Nick Offerman and JB Smoove, respectively – were nominated in this category this year. Seriously, Academy… every single person with a Y chromosome who appeared on “Modern Family” gets a nod, but not Ron f-ing Swanson? Are you mad??!?

A cat that looks like Ron Swanson, expressing how I feel about Ron Swanson not being honored by the TV Academy.

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The Most Annoying Saturday Morning List of the Day

Few things on Earth say Saturday morning like cartoons and cereal. It’s always great, just sitting in front of Saturday morning cartoons, with your favorite novelty cereal bowl, eating sugary stuff that advertising companies somehow convinced your parents were a necessary part of your balanced breakfast. 

But among the cartoons, there were always those few characters that really got to us, rubbed us the wrong way, or ruined everything for every body. 

Remember this needy bastard?

Snarf Sucks

or maybe this Napoleon-complexed little nuisance?

or how about this troll’s laugh?

There was always that ONE cartoon character that really grinded your gears. For me, it was always Ranger Smith. Screw that guy. If it weren’t for him, Boo Boo wouldn’t have to be so uptight all the time “I don’t think the Ranger’s gonna like this, Yogi”. 

What if he wasn’t around to kill the buzz of being two awesome bears in the woods? You know how much more fun Yogi Bear would’ve been as a show? It’d basically be like The Hangover, only with cartoon bears. 

If only it weren’t for this fun-ruining Ranger. They should’ve mauled him. 

“Well they can’t have fun, I mean, c’mon…”

So, in honor of today being Saturday, here’s a wonderful list that allows you to list the cartoon characters that annoy you the most, and to vote for the worst, best and most memorably annoying ones.

The Most Annoying Cartoon Characters of All Time

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One is the Loneliest List of the Day

It’s Friday!


But what if you don’t have a date? What if your plans for tonight include cooking a dinner for two, then eating the leftovers tomorrow, crying or playing video games against strangers? 

If this is the case, or if you’ve ever been lonely, one of the most relatable memes in meme history is the Forever Alone meme. 

You’ve probably seen the RageFace. It looks like this:

This meme is meant to make fun of the loneliest moments in our lives, the loneliest thoughts we’ve ever had and the loneliest things that we do as people. 

It brings humor to the situation and makes you laugh at how pathetic we can all be sometimes. 

So, in honor of all the lonely people (and where they come from), here’s The Best of the Forever Alone Meme

Have a great weekend! 

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