The Annoying Customer’s List of the Day

Have you ever ordered something not on the menu at a Fast Food restaurant? Maybe something off of a “secret” menu? Few have, but when you do one of two things can happen: 

1. The cashier knows exactly what you mean, and they’re totally on board. You get something delicious and you have now educated everyone in line behind you. 

2. They have no idea what you’re talking about and you look like a complete jerk who is wasting the cashier’s time and everyone else’s time. 

This weekend, checkout this collection of Secret Menu Items lists and see what you’re brave enough to try. From trying Jamba Juice’s secret menu items like the Green Gummi Bear, to ordering a root beer float off of McDonald’s Secret Menu, to exploring the depths of the In N Out Burger hidden menu

Be brave and Godspeed.


Bangkok Has the List of the Day Now…

The Wolfpack, as they say, is back, as “Hangover 2” hits theaters this weekend. The 2009 original film grossed…wait for it…$277 million in the US alone ($467 million worldwide.) That’s a lot of roofies! Anyway, it virtually guarantees that the new film will be a colossal success, no matter what nasty things the critics say about it.

Aww, pumpkin, did those nasty critics say you were just a tired retread and you may end up hurting Thailand’s tourism industry? Forget about them…I still liked “Cedar Rapids”…

If you’ve caught the movie and want to relive the highlights, or you just want to get a sense for whether the comedy is up your alley, we’ve gone ahead and picked out the most memorable “Hangover 2” quotes and moments for your browsing pleasure. Caution: Very Mild Spoilers! For example, did you know they get drunk in this one and then lose one of their friends? It’s intense…

The List of the Day (in a Can!)

In order to honor the release of the greatest invention in the history of the world since sliced bread (cause who needs that stuff anymore) Candwich (that’s right, a sandwich in a can that is now available for purchase), the list of the day today is a collection reminiscent of this shining new representation of America. 

This is why we're fat

We bring you the Top 10 Craziest Food Abominations of All Time (before Epic Meal Time, of course), including such delicacies as Fried Coke and the Domino’s Oreo Cookie Pizza.

Sausage Wrapped Burritos

In case you were wondering, yes, this is a Taco Bell Cheesy Double-Beef Burrito Wrapped in a Sausage.

The “Happy Birthday Star Wars” List of the Day

Our old girl Star Wars: A New Hope turned 34 years old today, and she’s becoming quite the cougar (although 34 isn’t quite cougar age, so I believe the correct term should be Bobcat).

Bobcat Wars! Rawr!


In honor of this, our List of the Day is a collection of the best Star Wars Fan Films ever made. Have fun losing your afternoon to this collection of 30 pieces of fan art. That’s right, art. What? 

Star Wars Fan Films

Just Like Tom Thumb’s List of the Day

Happy 70th birthday to living legend Bob Dylan! In honor of Mr. Zimmerman’s ridiculously epic career in music and, yes, film (you guys haven’t seen “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid?!?!?”), our List of the Day is a collection of 30 of Bob Dylan’s most humorous, deadpan, cynical and insightful quotes and lyrics.

Bob Dylan

We also threw some of our favorite Dylan videos, images and songs on there, just to keep things lively. As Bob would say…well, I’m sure he’d say something, but it would probably be kind of tricky to figure out exactly what it was.

Put Your Paws Up! It’s Our List of the Day!

Pop sensation Lady Gaga is selling her new album, “Born This Way,” today for just $0.99 on Amazon!

In celebration (is that the right word?), we’re taking a lovingly terrified look back at the various, increasingly bold fashion choices of Ms. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Our Lady Gaga Fashion List boasts an exhaustive gallery of photographs of Mother Monster in her natural element. Hope you all like goofy hats…

Gaga and Grammys

People Can Now Vote on Your Ranker Lists

Hello Rankers, 

It’s time to turn your lists into battlefields.

Now, every time you publish a list on Ranker, you’ll have the option of allowing people to vote on the order of your lists, thus changing them to whatever the Ranker community deems fit.

And, if you so choose, you can turn on our new VoteRank feature that automatically re-ranks your lists based on the votes of your judging/adoring fellow Rankers.

There are two choices:

  1. Allow Voting - others will be able to like or dislike items on your lists.
  2. Allow VoteRank - when this is turned on, these votes will change the order of your list, based on what people like or dislike.

So add this on an existing list of yours or go publish a new list of The Worst Movies of 2011, The Greediest Politicians of 2011, Companies That Will Fail in 2011, or anything else that will get your friends riled up. Look in the Bells & Whistles section for the “Allow Voting” or “Allow VoteRank” options and let the victors be decided on the battlefields.


The Ranker Team

Listing. Ranking. Winning.

Dear Rankers,
Don’t adjust your monitors, that blue background you see on Ranker is intentional. We added it this week, and we’ve already gotten word that Papa Smurf is a big fan of the change. So, that’s exciting.

In other Ranker news, we’ve also upgraded profile pages across the site, making it easy to tell the world who you are and what you’ve ranked. You can even control the order your lists display in, to showcase the ones you’re most proud of. And, you can now leave notes for other users on their profile pages too, so you can easily reach out to your fellow Rankers.

We’ve also made a lot of other little changes, including making the site faster and making it easier for you to login via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Yahoo. If you have any feedback, questions or comments about anything new you see on Ranker, please feel free to email us, Tweet us or get in touch with us on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you! Just don’t ask us to share our tiger’s blood with you…

The Ranker Team

New On Ranker: Tags, Ratings & More

Hey there Rankers!

This week, we released a bunch of stuff to the site. We’ve brought back ratings, so you can now tell the world how you really feel about the movies, albums, books, video games, etc. on your lists via our handy dandy numerical scale. And, you can learn all about how ratings work on our brand new and shiny FAQ, which we also just renovated. Look for more updates to the FAQ in the next few weeks as well, as we continue to get it up to date with all the fun new features we’re working on.

We also added the ability for you to tag your lists, which helps them to show up in more relevant places across Ranker. You can see the link to add tags on the page you’re taken to when you publish a list. We’ve also just redesigned that page too, and now it’s full of great suggestions for making your lists even better. Fun tip: if you’ve already published a list, you can always get back to that page by clicking ‘update’ in the top right corner of any list you’re editing. 

We also made a few more little tweaks to make it even easier to find the list items you want to rank. And, we’ve added even more images and info to a lot of the list items on the site. 

Additionally, we fixed a bunch of bugs, including one that unfortunately broke some of the YouTube videos in certain people’s lists. If your list is mysteriously missing a video you had previously embedded, that’s probably why. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience, but the good news is that if you add the video again, it should work fine now. 

The next big thing we’re working on are some changes to the way you sign up and log in on Ranker. So, look for those things to get a lot better in the next few weeks. And, as always, please feel free to shoot us any questions, comments, suggestions or issues you find via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Have a great weekend and happy Ranking!
The Ranker Team 

New Year, New Ranker

Dear Rankers,
Our New Year’s resolution? Make it easier than ever to build and browse great lists on Ranker. Well, that and try to stop eating stuff like this. And, while our eating habits might be slow to change, the site certainly isn’t.

We’ve got over 50 CrowdRanked lists open for voting now, including The Most Inspirational Sports Movies and The Most Overrated Books Of All Time. We’ve also added lots of cool info to them, so you can see how your votes compare to other people’s and see how the crowd’s opinion breaks down statistically.

It’s also a lot easier to build lists of your own now, since we simplified the way you find and create list items. And the overhaul of the site’s design, while not yet finished, continues — we think you’ll like what you see if you haven’t checked us out in the last month. 

The most important improvement we’ve made is that browsing Ranker is now significantly faster. Even our developers are ready to sprint to their inboxes to check out your feedback. So please send any thoughts about the new Ranker to us via email, Twitter or Facebook. In the meantime, we’ll be trying to resist the lure of the bacon-wrapped mug.

Happy Ranking!
The Ranker Team