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Why Ranker Data is Better than Facebook’s and Twitter’s

 By Clark Benson (CEO, Ranker) It’s unlikely that anyone would pour freezing water over their head for it, (although if this happens, someone please let me know) but the marketing world is experiencing its own Peak Oil Crisis. We don’t have enough … Continue reading

Ridiculously Good Looking Celebs Are Licking Popsicles, It Must Be Summer!

The Best Internet Reactions to Jeremy Meeks’s Sexy Mug Shot Sexy mugshot photos reached a new high with the booking of the ridiculously hot felon Jeremy Meeks. If you somehow missed this gem of a story last week, you need … Continue reading

The Best Secret Menu Items From Any Restaurant (Infographic)

The best secret menu items from all restaurants with secret menus compiled into one list of the greatest menu items from any restaurant. These restaurants are collectively responsible for producing some of the best fast food burgers, the best french … Continue reading

Things You Should Never Do While Naked, 90s Slang, Embarrassing Selfies + More

January is over. Good riddance! Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Trust us, you’ll feel much better once you just let go. To get your mind off of all that, here are 7 of the most … Continue reading

Bruno Mars Is Disliked, But Mostly by Older People

Bruno Mars is #98 out of the 468 worst bands of all time, as voted on by over 12.5k voters. But it turns out that older people dislike him way more than younger people. Super Bowl XLVIII is upon us! … Continue reading

Bad Santas, Awkward Christmas Photos, and Celebs Who Have Killed

Happy (non-denominational) holidays to you all! As our gift to you, we present the very best lists that Ranker users have been upvoting this season. Enjoy! Top Crimes Committed By Guys in Santa Suits ‘Tis the season to be jolly, … Continue reading

You Voted: Walmart Has the Worst Reputation

The news that a Walmart store in Ohio was holding a food drive to make sure that its own employees have enough food for the holidays struck a nerve with the Internet masses today. The story climbed to #1 on CNN … Continue reading

What Will Be the Most Annoying Halloween Costume of 2013?

Since Halloween tends to be a weeklong affair these days, we are betting that you have started seeing some repeat costumes out there. What will be the most overdone Halloween costume of 2013? Our money is on twerking Miley Cyrus, … Continue reading

A Fall List That is Not to be Missed

Good riddance summer! The weather is cooling, leaves are turning color (well, actually they don’t really do that here in LA) and we’re all planning which obscure pop culture reference we can turn into a Halloween costume this year.* *Do … Continue reading

Updates to the Ranker Widget

Wickey, Wickey Widget! Welcome to The Ranker Widget 2.0. With the Ranker Widget, publishers can use Ranker’s tools to build unique, votable lists and publish them on their site. To date, over 1,600 third party websites have used Ranker’s widget … Continue reading