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List Roundup

Another great week has come and gone. And the internet delivered yet again. Make sure you check these lists before heading off to see the family this week for Thanksgiving. There is a little something here for everyone, so enjoy and make a list of things you’re thankful for and share them with your family.

1. The Richest Eligible Bachelors:

Cash. Money. Cars. Bros. That’s the way the ladies like them. Here is a guide to the mega-millionaires who are unmarried. Have no fear ladies, these guys aren’t living at home with their moms. These guys are eligible and looking.

2. #worstpasswords of 2011:

Really? Your password is ‘password’? This list has been circling around the web this week. And it shows the stupid and super easy passwords people choose for all their accounts. For example; 123456  and iloveyou. You better double-check this list and make sure your password isn’t published because 600,000 people have their accounts broken into everyday.


3. 10 Worst Sex Scandal Excuses:

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Bill Clinton

Clinton, Woods and Anthony Weiner are all prominent individuals who’ve been caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. Take a look at these and other horrible sex scandal excuses they used to back-pedal themselves out of these sticky situations.


4. Best Thanksgiving sides:

Sweet mother of glory! The response from our community this week as been amazing. Everyone has voted and ranked their favorite sides, from sweet delicious yams to glorious stuffing. Take a look to see if your favorite is still near the top of this list.


5. Complete list of Video Games on South Park:

Complex compiled a list of all the games that have ever appeared on South Park. From Farmville to Lemmiwinks and every arcade game in-between. It’s all here on this list.


6. Horrible Celebrity Endorsements:

We still aren’t sure what product or who and what it would take to get Jerry and Bill to try on shoes? Really? Fire your agents guys, this is just plain sad. Some other examples are Ben Stiller in Japanese soda commercials or the fraud behind the Kardashian credit card.

7. Top Moments in Griefing History:

This list was one of the most popular list from Ranker this week. We got a lot of chatter in the comments about it. If you’re into gaming you’re not going to want to miss this detailed list of Let’s clear the airwaves once and for all; Nirvana sang “Here we are now, in containers”. You might be able to belt that on Karaoke night. But when the real spotlight is on for your American Idol audition you’d better have those lyrics correct. Brush up on the most misunderstood lyrics you’ve never been 100% on. BTW it’s “Here we are now, entertain us”.


8. 50 Secrets Everyone Needs to Know:

This list from High Existence is a 2 parter of self-improvements. If you found yourself in a rut this week browse this list and give these items a try. From sleeping less to not burning bridges We know there is some thing you’ll be able to take away and use to help you grind it out the next few days before you see your family for Thanksgiving.


9. Tips to Becoming a Better Bro

Your bros are looking for advice form a fellow bro. You might new to the bro-game and so these 1,300 Bro Tips will help you bridge that bro-gap. From a wide range of topic; Cash, money cars, bros, you’ll learn something. Good looking out Bro-chacho.


10. Top 25 movies you’ve never seen but probably should have:

Going into the long Thanksgiving weekend you’l need to be prepared as you can’t spend the down time with the family. You know they’ll drive you up a wall. Hop onto Netflix and queue-up a few of these movies. Ranker’s personal favorites are Boogie Nights and Snatch.


11. 10 Modern Day Renaissance Hunks:

Here is another list for the ladies or a bit of inspiration for the guys looking to impress. From the ever inclusive Brad Pitt to smart man James Franco the rebels are pushing the envelope to reshape manliness for future generations.

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List of the Day: Tastiest Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is next week, so like most people, my mind is going nuts thinking about all the amazing food I am about to receive and be thankful for! In the spirit of the season, there is a fight going on at Ranker over what is the best Thanksgiving side dish. Personally I am a stuffing man (William Sonoma Focaccia for the win!), though horseradish green beans are a close second.

What’s your favorite? Vote up The Best Thanksgiving Side Dish now!

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You Rank Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round

Ranker is on Google+! Finally! I know you guys are super-excited so I just wanted to get that out of the way right up top. Here’s where to find us. For those of you who like your URL’s spelled out, for copy-and-pasting purposes (and what 80 year olds DON’T?), it looks like this:

Yes, it took Google months to come out with pages for brands, companies and websites. And then when we get them, it’s impossible for customize or personalize. Why does it need so many numbers? Is Robert Redford and his team, armed with the world’s most sophisticated code-breaking software, attempting to access my Google Plus account and mess with my circles?

It’s not just a codebreaker, Lon. It’s THE codebreaker.

Sorry, Sundance.

Anyway, you REALLY should follow Ranker on G+, my previous cynicism of the prior paragraph aside. We’ll be sharing all sorts of interesting lists and blog posts and site updates over there as they happen, and it’s going to be a bit more random and offbeat than the Facebook and Twitter feeds. (Which you should be following as well! Obviously!)

And if you’d like to follow other people BESIDES Team Ranker… for some reason… we can help there, too.

Here’s a great guide to finding comedians on Google+, including the “Nerdist” himself, Chris Hardwick, Comedy Central host Daniel Tosh and even… wait for it… “Whitney” co-star Chris D’Elia! He’s the guy with the beard who always looks bemused by Whitney’s wacky neuroses, shenanigans and even, dare I say, monkeyshines. Not to mention her egregious posture.

Why is she standing like that? Who stands like that? The poster makes it seem like Chris is back there wondering, “What’s going on? Are our lives being recorded for some sort of ridiculous alternate-reality humorous television show?”

We’ve also got a nice round-up of celebrities on Google Plus, from the (self-described) great William Shatner to Ashton Kutcher. (No word yet on whether Ashton is continuing to use his Google account or if he’s outsourced all of his searching to handlers. Oooohhhh, SNAP!

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List Roundup

What an eventful week in the world. We had celebrity deaths, political goofs, video game releases, a scandal and an another more serious scandal. But the internet rallied and pumped out some seriously awesome lists. These are the ones that may have slipped though the cracks. Enjoy.

1. Why the 8 GOP Candidates are like Supervillans:

This articulate list ties together all 8 GOP front runners to win the nomination and pairs them with a comic book villain. Now this isn’t your ordinary list. This will show you why the super powers of each of these villains are reasons alone why each of these candidates stand a great chance of winning the bid.

2. The 10 Most Obscene Credit Card Receipts:

As the staff here at Ranker can attest to, no night on the town is complete with 33 bottles of Cristal or 12 Red Bulls. That’s just how we roll. LeBron James agrees because this off season he dropped a cool $172,000 on a bar tab. Anyone dare to venture a guess on the tip he left?


3. Dumb Names For Farts:

When we told there was a list for everything, we weren’t kidding. This list will make it to the top of some of the most obscure lists we’ve ever read with names like Stink Ninja, Carpet Frog or the Angry Walrus. Insightful and thorough but not for the squeamish.



4. Top Movie Poster Cliches and What They Mean:

We’ve all seen the loner viewed from the back with his weapon. We’re looking at you Puss in Boots. Or the close up of the eye, yes you common cookie cutter horror flick. Iconic yet ironic. After reading over this list you’ll be able to spoil every movie without ever having to watch the movie or let alone trailer.


5. Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Veterans:

In honor of veterans day we thank all the brave men and women who have fought, lived or died to protect the freedoms we cherish daily. compiled a short list of some notable veterans from our past.


6. Most Negative Reviews of Jack and Jill:

Of all the movies to roll out this year Jack and Jill doesn’t top the list of must-sees. Give it up to the Happy Madison crew to pump out another movie that falls flat. Take a few minutes and look over these hilariously negative reviews, save yourself the $10 this weekend and stay in.

Jack and Jill isn’t really a movie, but more of an extended Royal Caribbean Cruises commercial with a Dunkin Donuts dance number set to an extended fart exploding from a dragged-out Adam Sandler’s buttocks.  – Matt Patches of


7. 23 Misheard Lyrics:

Let’s clear the airwaves once and for all; Nirvana sang “Here we are now, in containers”. You might be able to belt that on Karaoke night. But when the real spotlight is on for your American Idol audition you’d better have those lyrics correct. Brush up on the most misunderstood lyrics you’ve never been 100% on. BTW it’s “Here we are now, entertain us”.


8. 9 Proud Sluts:

This list from The Frisky is a great little “did you know” type of a list.  These model women not only broke the traditional mold but they reshaped it to how they see/saw fit. From notables like Angelina Jolie (below) and Madonna to Mae West and Coco Chanel these women knew what they wanted and were ready to run thought a brick wall to please (themselves).


9. College Majors With The Lowest Unemployment:

Spending an egregious amount on college is the new norm. The economy is still coming out of a funk and unemployment is though the roof. We recommend glancing at this list before you decide your major. And if your major isn’t listed. We don’t mean to poke fun, we’re just sharing the list Yahoo! published.


10. The Top 5 of Top 10:

An awesome list by our friends at Kotaku. If you’re unfamiliar with these round up lists; they are essentially the best of the best for that week in gaming. Certainly worth bookmarking their site and checking in frequently. For example, the list of the franchises that never got a video game, uh hello, Animaniacs!!! How did the game dev’s ever miss that one?

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Bed, Bath, Ranker Lists and Beyond!

It’s Sunday, it’s freezing in Los Angeles and these are just some of the lists that were relevant on Ranker this week:

It’s November 5th… Can’t Shake This Feeling There’s Something I’m Supposed to Remember, Remember…

On November 5, 1605, a group of English Catholics planned to assassinate King James I of England and VI of Scotland by blowing up the House of Lords with gunpowder, but they were captured before their plan could come to fruition. Ever since, in England, it’s customary on November 5th to commemorate the event by setting bonfires or wearing masks inspired by one of the conspirators, Guy Fawkes. Today, the recognizable “Guy Fawkes” image is associated with a different group of revolutionaries, the shadowy online hackers association known as Anonymous.

It’s easy to understand why a lot of people would be intimidated by Anonymous. They try to make themselves kind of chilling with all that “we are legion… expect us…” stuff. Plus people in masks are always kind of unsettling. Also, they probably can figure out how much porn you’re watching, you know, if they feel like it. But Ranker user Beau Iverson urges us not to fear Anonymous, but to celebrate them, in this collection of the Operations That Will Make You Love Anonymous.

For example, did you know that Anonymous’ Operation Darknet busted an online pedophile ring. It’s true.

Hey, wait a minute. That’s all well and good, but they better not be trying to take Chris Hanson’s job!

Anonymous, you can wear all the masks you want, but keep stealing my bit… and I will find you… and I will ask you nicely to take a seat.

Zooey Deschanel Continues to Strip the Word “Adorkable” of All Meaning

It’s like nothing is sacred any more. Probably because no things are being held sacred.

In the latest example, America’s favorite woman who looks like Katy Perry that isn’t Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, was invited to sing the National Anthem at Game 4 of the World Series. Probably because she’s on that new show about that new girl who awkwardly sings all the time. And also maybe because she has this new Christmas album with M. Ward that is so unbearably twee, each time you listen to it, Wes Anderson actually comes to your home, brings you a new sweater-vest and then takes your portrait in it using an old-fashioned camera.

Check out how Zooey did, and how other celebs have fared at Francis Scott Key’s composition, in this look at some of Kel Varnsen’s least favorite National Anthem renditions.

Shawl Rock is Back!

In other music news, Florence Welch and her unnecessary plus sign are back with a second album this week. It’s called “Ceremonials,” cause… well, why not. Here’s “Shake It Out”:

There’s lots more (seriously, a whole lot for a group that only had one album before this) on Ranker’s Florence and the Machine Videos list. Maybe don’t watch them all in a row. That much twirling around in place could lead to a serious spell of vertigo.

Everyone Continues to Sort of Love Memes

Couple of hot memes in the past few weeks have captured the attention of the Ranker community and earned their very own lists.

The Good Guy Lucifer Meme features an image of the Devil himself, or at least a very David Bowie-ish interpretation of him from the DC Comics series “Lucifer.” The jokes themselves basically posit that Lucifer was a solid dude and years upon years of propaganda have caused us all to see him in a negative light. For example:

And so forth.

Also this week, we formally met Geeksquad Gus, who constantly gives you bad technology advice, typically involving upselling you on expensive purchases you don’t really need.

To wit:

I am sorry you had to see that photo. It’s in the interest of science. Wait, no, not science. What’s that thing that’s not at all scientific?

Well, that’s it for another week of great Ranker lists. Check out the blog here every Sunday for another wrap-up, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the latest in listing.

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List Roundup

Here are some of our favorite lists from around the web you may have missed this week.

1. The Worst Bands of All Time:

This is a CrowdRanked List that needs your input. Everyone is voting on this list and at the moment Nickleback is in a close battle with Creed. Now is your time to voice your opinion and let the world know what band you think really really sucks.


2. Forbes Most Powerful People in the World:

This is a awesome list of the 70 most powerful movers and shakers in the world. As you might imagine The President Barack Obama tops the list and Kathy Griffin just missed the cut, again.


3. The Long List of Jewish Reality Stars:

This clever list was compiled by Jewish celebrity gossip columnist Cheryl Jacobs. Here is a clip of the colorful Jewish host of the show Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger.


4. The 50 Greatest College Basketball Players of All Time:

A great subjective, detailed and entertaining read as the NCAA basketball season tips off this week. The guys a Grantland publish some great articles and podcasts be sure to check them out if you want to stay up to date on your sports news.


5. America’s Most Broke Cities:

Our friends at The Daily Beast compiled a depressing list filled with some scary stats. Did you know that Reno has an unemployment rate of 13%? Or that Savannah(below) has an average credit score of 716? Ouch.

Boat river list

6. Best Leadership Books of All Time: put together a quick list of some of the best leadership books ever written. If you are looking for some early Christmas gifts for your boss, be sure to check this great list for ideas.


7. Expensive Sports Divorces:

The shocker of the week was provided by the Humpdashian divorce spawning this list from Yahoo. Our favorite divorce was Michael Jordan and his ex-wife Juanita topping the list at $168 million. A minor speed bump for the Air Jordan Empire.


8. Foursquare Badge List:

The buzz around the office is that it isn’t complete but it is pretty extensive. One that really stood out to us was The Douchebag Badge; check in to 25 venues tagged “douchebags”.


9. Essential Apps of 2011:

As determined by the team at Wired, some of these must haves apps have become an integral part of our lives. We love the Twitter and Instapaper apps. What are the two apps you can’t live without?


10. The 7 Most Frivolous Lawsuits Against Celebrities:

A great Ranker list of nutty lawsuits against some high-profile celebs. This might be the sole reason P.R. people still have jobs to fend off rumors, like this weeks news that The Bieber allegedly knocked-up a girl who is know seeking child support. Tsk Tsk.

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List of the Day: Kim Kardashian's Divorce Explodes the Internet

When professional celebrity Kim Kardashian married sports star Kris Humphries  in a two hour E! TV special, it seemed like a match made in Reality TV Producer heaven. I mean, after all the suffering and heartbreak that poor Kim had gone through, what with a leaked sex tape that happened to slingshot her into stardom and on again off again relationships with multiple football players, the nation wept to see her finally settle down with her hulking Prince Charming.

Now all our hopes and dreams of a happy ending for little Kim have come crashing down. With the announcement today that Kim and Kris’ epic 72-day old marriage was coming to an end, the internet exploded in response. It was with great remorse that Ranker user Ariel Kana has put together the Funniest Reactions to Kim Kardashian’s Divorce.

God Speed Kim. We all hope that your heart heals and you learn to love again. Hopefully in time for next May’s sweeps.