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There Can Be Only One… Hundred

The Ranker Community often gets together to discuss, debate and re-rank a variety of lists published elsewhere by experts. Forbes has its own picks for the Most Powerful Celebrities… and so does Ranker. But perhaps no “re-ranking” of an expert … Continue reading

Google’s New Knowledge Graph Explained

Ranker’s resident data scientist, Ravi Iyer, unlocks the secrets of the universe! Or at least Google’s new Knowledge Graph. Check it out.

The Game of Thrones Infographic: How We Did It

New post up on our “Ranker Data Blog” explaining how we put together our “Game of Thrones Fan Report” infographic from last week. Is your appreciation for incest-themed high fantasy series equaled only by your passion for statistical analysis? Then … Continue reading

Game of Thrones: The Fan Report

Just posted to our new Ranker “Data” blog is a fascinating infographic exploring the tastes and interests of hardcore “Game of Thrones” fans. The results are… you guessed it… a bit strange. Click through to see our findings.

List Roundup

Another chilled December week has come and gone. And it was a wild one in the world of lists, what better way to capture some of the best ones than through a compilation of sorts. We’ve got a list with a … Continue reading

List Roundup

After a whirlwind of a week the best thing is to just sit back, take a load off and catch up on the awesome lists of the week. Fortunately, your buds at Ranker can get you all caught up in a few minutes. Take … Continue reading

Ranker Holiday Give Away

Happy Holidays fellow Rankers!!! In celebration of the festivities we’re giving away 3 Fox DVD prizes to 3 lucky winners on December 16th. 2 Fox DVD Packs including: Glee The Complete Second Season X-Men: First Class Win Win 1 Simpsons DVD set … Continue reading

List of the Day: Dream Muppet Show Guests

With the release of the new Muppets movie last week, it got us at Ranker wondering: Who would we love to see on the Muppet Show if it got revamped? Though the front runner right now is Betty White, I … Continue reading

List Roundup

Another great week has come and gone. And the internet delivered yet again. Make sure you check these lists before heading off to see the family this week for Thanksgiving. There is a little something here for everyone, so enjoy and make … Continue reading

List of the Day: What Superpowers Do You Want?

We have all had those moments when we wished we had superpowers. Either sitting in your car stuck in traffic and wishing we could fly, or wanting to know what our partner was thinking. Throw in your two cents on … Continue reading