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Google’s New Knowledge Graph Explained

Ranker’s resident data scientist, Ravi Iyer, unlocks the secrets of the universe! Or at least Google’s new Knowledge Graph. Check it out.

List of the Day: Dream Muppet Show Guests

With the release of the new Muppets movie last week, it got us at Ranker wondering: Who would we love to see on the Muppet Show if it got revamped? Though the front runner right now is Betty White, I … Continue reading

List of the Day: What Superpowers Do You Want?

We have all had those moments when we wished we had superpowers. Either sitting in your car stuck in traffic and wishing we could fly, or wanting to know what our partner was thinking. Throw in your two cents on … Continue reading

List of the Day: Tastiest Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is next week, so like most people, my mind is going nuts thinking about all the amazing food I am about to receive and be thankful for! In the spirit of the season, there is a fight going on … Continue reading

List of the Day: Internet Reacts to Rick Perry Gaffe

Sometimes we think one thing and then our brain doesn’t give the right message to our mouth. It’s ok most of the time. Not so ok when you are trying to convince the world that you would make a good … Continue reading

List of the Day: Most Interesting Muppet Show Characters

Nothing says happy Monday like a look back on some of the most Interesting Muppet Show Characters. Sure, our favorites like Miss Piggy, Animal and Gonzo are there, but also the sax player from the Dr. Teeth Band too. (Did … Continue reading

List of the Day: Best Chips in the World

New user MicaceousMicah has started what is sure to be an epic list battle. Best Chips in the World Go. Vote for your favorite. Add those that are represented yet. My favorite is definitely Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos!

List of the Day: Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Explodes the Internet

When professional celebrity Kim Kardashian married sports star Kris Humphries  in a two hour E! TV special, it seemed like a match made in Reality TV Producer heaven. I mean, after all the suffering and heartbreak that poor Kim had … Continue reading