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There Can Be Only One… Hundred

The Ranker Community often gets together to discuss, debate and re-rank a variety of lists published elsewhere by experts. Forbes has its own picks for the Most Powerful Celebrities… and so does Ranker. But perhaps no “re-ranking” of an expert … Continue reading

Tina Fey and Animal Movies…This Post Is Adorable…

Tracy Jordan Quotes + The Darker Side of “30 Rock” Today (Friday May 18th) is Tina Fey’s birthday. It should be a national holiday, the woman is an American gem. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s cute…she’s perfect! As a present … Continue reading

Google’s New Knowledge Graph Explained

Ranker’s resident data scientist, Ravi Iyer, unlocks the secrets of the universe! Or at least Google’s new Knowledge Graph. Check it out.

The Darker Side Of 30 Rock, Funny Names, Greatest Movies, and Batman

The Darker Side of “30 Rock” Data collected from our site shows that people who like 30 Rock have a dark side…     Best Rock Bands/Artists Of All Time The the Stones…no Zeppelin…no The Beatles…the battle rages on … Continue reading

What’s Your Criteria?

Ranker has added something new to our lists! What can we say…we like to spoil you rotten with new and easy to use features. This new feature is List Criteria. Have you ever been on a list and wondered “how … Continue reading

Comic Books, BBQ, and Star Wars (sounds like a pretty good weekend)

Best Foods on a BBQ  Prom Theme Ideas 25 Animals Wearing Star Wars Costumes   Best Movies Based on Marvel Comics   Celebrity Deaths: 2012 Famous Deaths List