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Killer Movies Sets, Horrible Bosses, and Gary Busey OH MY!

The 13 Craziest Gary Busey Stories Game of Thrones: The Fan Report & Game of Thrones Fan Report: Behind the Numbers The 13 Most Horrible Bosses of All Time     7 Classic Film Sets That Actually Killed People   … Continue reading

The Game of Thrones Infographic: How We Did It

New post up on our “Ranker Data Blog” explaining how we put together our “Game of Thrones Fan Report” infographic from last week. Is your appreciation for incest-themed high fantasy series equaled only by your passion for statistical analysis? Then … Continue reading

Game of Thrones: The Fan Report

Just posted to our new Ranker “Data” blog is a fascinating infographic exploring the tastes and interests of hardcore “Game of Thrones” fans. The results are… you guessed it… a bit strange. Click through to see our findings.

Easter Weekend and Inappropriate Memes

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