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Weekend Roundup

Hi Guys,   It’s time for the weekend roundup! So, in no particular order here are the top five things we liked from around the internet. 1. 2012 Best Picture Nominees Recast With Dogs Dogs are stupidly cute. They’re cute … Continue reading

Allow Me To E-troduce Myself

  Hi Guys, My name is Ranky and I’m the new face of Ranker, you’ll be hearing from me a lot on this blog and on twitter. I know you guys already know some facts about me but what you … Continue reading

Weekend Roundup

It’s time for your weekend round up, this is the place where we round up our favorite lists of the week…it’s pretty self explanatory. 1. Politicians Singing List We are not even a little embarrassed to say that when Barack Obama sang  Al … Continue reading

Weekend Round Up!

It’s time for Ranker’s top five favorite lists/links of the week! Alright, in no particular order but because it is Friday the 13th we’ll start with: 13 Origins Of Common Superstitions  Everyone knows theses common superstitions, but you’ll never guess where … Continue reading

Friday the 13th

It’s  Friday the 13th, a date that’s infamously said to be unlucky, although no one’s really sure why! (Wikipedia thinks it may have something to do with the Knights Templar, which sounds to us like they’ve just been playing too much … Continue reading

End Of The Week Top 5 Links Of The Week

Hi Rankers, Well, it’s the end of the week so let’s take a look at our 5 favorite lists in no particular order: 1. Top 10 Alternative Art Movie Posters Of 2011   2. Simpsons Jokes That Actually Happened   3. … Continue reading