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Weekend Roundup

Hi Guys,


It’s time for the weekend roundup! So, in no particular order here are the top five things we liked from around the internet.

1. 2012 Best Picture Nominees Recast With Dogs

Dogs are stupidly cute. They’re cute almost all of the time, so of course seeing them posed in these positions is a win. It makes me want to see War Dog, cause god knows I did not want to see War Horse. Can you even believe that it was nominated for best picture? There’s a scene that’s almost 30 mins (feels like hours) of him trying to get this horse to plow a field, you put that chihuahua down in a field it’s gonna run, cut that scene down to 5 minutes.


2.  Best Fantasy Worlds

I am so ready for Game of Thrones to start that every thing that is fantasy related makes me happy. So this is right up my alley. It’s unbelieveable to me that at the time of this post  Westeros is 15th! 15th!!!! Guys, that world is amazing…there’s seven kingdoms, and dragons, and really attractive women.


3.  Worst SAG Winners

Some people just don’t deserve things. There I said it. Sarah Jessica Parker did not deserve a SAG award! And I didn’t even like Dreamgirls….but I love Beyonce. Sometimes I do my “Ranky Dance” to her music.

4.  This Picture:

This old woman is amazing. She’s carrying three guns and told a cop she’s not afraid of a “f*&#ing thing”. Makes us think about Grandma Ranky…she was pretty B.A herself, that’s where we got it from.


5. Literary Tattoos

I love reading, and I love tattoos so this is a win. I also had fun playing a game on Facebook today with most you where you had to guess the book the literary tattoo came from. It’s fun to know what people are into and what matters to them. There were so many “Giving Tree” and Kurt Vonnegut tattoos our little listing heart swelled. Those are two of our favorites, and as you can tell from the site, I have a lot of favorites.

Honorable mention goes to my debut on Wednesday. I had such an awesome reception and really appreciate it. So, thanks guys!

Now you know what I liked from this week, I want to know what you liked. Leave it in the comments, tweet at me @Ranker, or head to FB and tell me there.

OH, and guys one more thing…I want to know what you want to read about on this blog. See, I was thinking about doing Twisted Tuesdays where we talk about crazy news. What do you think?





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Allow Me To E-troduce Myself


Hi Guys,

My name is Ranky and I’m the new face of Ranker, you’ll be hearing from me a lot on this blog and on twitter. I know you guys already know some facts about me but what you may not know is that I take being a mascot very seriously. It’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle.

I feel like mascots have been pushed aside and haven’t gotten the respect they deserve. We’re more than just an adorable face! I don’t want to get all political but I’m passionate about my role and about my fellow mascots. See, I’m a huge sports fan and I really love Sportscenter those commercials crack me up! While I was at the Ranker office this video was brought to my attention:

Hilltopper Sportscenter

That’s the Hilltopper and boy, if you want to have a wild night give that guy a call. Even though Hilltopper has since given up the life, I gotta say this video made me a little annoyed, yeah it was all in good fun and those guys at Sportscenter are awesome, but mascot bathroom rights are no joke. It’s really hard to hold it when you’ve got a tiny bladder like I do.

So, I’ve decided to give mascots a voice, you should expect to hear from me quite often sounding off about this or that, talking about my favorite lists. I like to write and memorize lists…just like that guy from Criminal Minds…did you see that episode? It was on last week the one about the Zodiac killer? Wasn’t it so good? Anyway…

It was very nice to e-meet you!



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Weekend Roundup

It’s time for your weekend round up, this is the place where we round up our favorite lists of the week…it’s pretty self explanatory.

1. Politicians Singing List

We are not even a little embarrassed to say that when Barack Obama sang  Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” our hearts skipped a beat. The man has skills to woo us. But this list is more about the people you don’t want to see sing…the ones that make you cringe…you know us we love a good cringe.


2. Celebrity Death Pool

Yes, it’s morbid and can be considered morally wrong to vote on who’s going to die this year…but it’s also fun. We have this death pool going, you can add your celeb and you can vote up other ones. We like to think it makes death a little easier…cause everything is easier when you’re winning.

3.  This Video

Adorable, sickeningly adorable. These creatures have such cute faces it makes me want to scream “JUST STOP BEING SO CUTE ALL OF THE TIME!” which is also how I feel about Ryan Gosling.


4.  Alternative Movie Posters

This list is amazing, and whoever came up with these casting decisions should be running Hollywood. I really wish Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, and Jimmy Stewart had been in Rushmore.



5.  6 Fictional Places That Actually Exist

This list is great because it confirms that Middle Earth is real, and that is an amazing piece of knowledge.

Honorable mentions go to the article 5 Websites That Could Have Made A Difference In Protesting SOPA because Forbes mentions us, and that was really cool.

Next is this video: Gay Rights Movement this is an amazing trailer for a documentary that’s being made. We don’t want to get political or offend anyone but this is a moving piece of work and this is an issue that matters. So, way to go guys!


There it is your weekend round up. Make sure you tell us what you loved this week and leave it in the comments or lets us know on Facebook and Twitter.





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Weekend Round Up!

It’s time for Ranker’s top five favorite lists/links of the week!

Alright, in no particular order but because it is Friday the 13th we’ll start with:

13 Origins Of Common Superstitions 

Everyone knows theses common superstitions, but you’ll never guess where they came from. This is a fun list that points out the insanity that drives our lives sometimes.

 The 9 Most Bad-Ass Final Words

These are just epic, so badass to be dying and still be witty.

The Cutest Hybrid Dog Breeds

It’s so cute, all these little faces of animals that man created. Yes, man took a wolf…one of the most voracious animals on the planet and turned it into something that looks like a Muppet.

Celebrity Death Pool 2012

The Death Pool! It’s a fun morbid game you can play with your friends! Head on over and add your contender and vote them up. Gene Hackman got hit by a car while riding his bicycle today (he’s fine, relax)…someone was so close to winning!!!

Child Stars Who Grew Up To Look Like Muppets

Child stars were all so cute growing up! Now they are creepy, have felony records, drug habits, and they look like Muppets. The Olsen Twins totally look like Gelflings.

There it is the weekend round up top 5, I’d love to hear your favorites of the week make sure you leave it in the comment section!

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Friday the 13th

It’s  Friday the 13th, a date that’s infamously said to be unlucky, although no one’s really sure why! (Wikipedia thinks it may have something to do with the Knights Templar, which sounds to us like they’ve just been playing too much “Assassin’s Creed.”)

In honor of this iconic, superstitious semi-holiday, we thought we’d celebrate. So here are 13 of our most fun lists, each with 13 items, just in time for Friday the 13th. That should bring good luck, right?

13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True

Top 13 Serial Killers

13 Best Horror Movie Sequels 

13 Craziest Harry Potter Fan Moments

13 Most Incredible Viruses On Earth

13 Celebrity Stalkers

13 Greatest Zombies In Video Games

13 Alternative Universes In Pop Culture

13 Greatest TV News Anchor Freakouts

13 Best Horror Movie Remakes

13 Most Evil Government Experiments On Humans

13 Most Famous Female Scientologists

13 Funniest Video Game Deaths

Make sure you all head on over and create your own Top 13 list.

Happy Listing!


Social Media Manager,

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End Of The Week Top 5 Links Of The Week

Hi Rankers,

Well, it’s the end of the week so let’s take a look at our 5 favorite lists in no particular order:

1. Top 10 Alternative Art Movie Posters Of 2011


2. Simpsons Jokes That Actually Happened


3. Greatest Celebrity Man Boobs


4. Best Book To Movie Casting Decisions


5. 100 Things You Need To Know About Season One Of Downton Abbey


There you have it, Art, Books, Simpsons, TV, and Moobs, a well rounded five favorites list! I’d love to hear from you guys, so make sure you leave some comments about your favorite links this week!